60 Free Photos of Cats and Kittens


Here are some tidbits about cats and kittens to make them more lovable in your eyes!

A kitten is a young cat. A molly (or queen) is a female cat. A tom is a male cat. A clowder is a group of cats.

Cats were heavily associated with witchcraft in the Middle Ages. During St. John’s Day, Europeans would stuff cats into sacks and toss them to burn into bonfires. Other people celebrated holy days by throwing cats from church towers.

Unlike dogs, cats are not fond of sweets. Vets believe that this is because of a mutation in their key taste receptor.

Domestic cats – particularly kittens – love to play, fight, and chase toys. These games are their way to learn and practice their hunting and fighting skills.

The claws on a cat’s paw point toward the same direction. As such, it’s impossible for a cat to climb a tree with its head first down. To get down from a tree or a high place, a cat has to back down.

Cats can make roughly a hundred different sounds.

There are over half a billion domestic cats all over the world. There are about 40 identified breeds.

A cat’s grimace is actually a “taste-scent.” Cats have a unique organ that enables them to taste-sense the air. That’s how they know if their humans are home or if there’s food left on the table.

Adult cats communicate with humans by meowing.

For 15 years, a cat was mayor in a town in Alaska. The feline politician’s name is Stubbs.

The CIA tried to turn a cat into a spy. This happened in the ‘60s. They implanted a mic into the cat’s ear and a radio transmitter on her skull. The cat survived the surgery. However, it was killed by a taxi on its first mission.

The most popular pet in North America are cats. To date, there are over 73 million cats there, and more than 30% of households own a cat or two.

Cats were sacred in ancient Egypt. During that period, when a family cat dies, each member of the household must shave their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. An elaborate funeral also took place, during which family members must drink wine while beating their chests. The dead cat will also be embalmed and covered with a sculpted mask made of wood.

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