Flute Personal Light by Herman Miller

February 14th, 2013

Flute Personal Light - Herman Miller

Design by Tom Newhouse, the Flute Personal Light provides direct task lighting. The freestanding lamp has a head that swivels 230° from left to right, so you can focus the light where needed. A 360° rotating clamp mount option provides maximum flexibility in light placement. Touch to turn on or off. Select a freestanding or surface clamp attachment bracket.

  • Flute uses the latest LED technology for high-quality, medium-warm light output and uses 30 to 50-percent less energy than traditional task lights.
  • The latest in LED technology offers a 24-year life span, with no bulbs to replace and a cost of about $1.13 to use the light for a whole year.
  • The LED’s emit no carbon dioxide, mercury, or sulfur, as traditional light bulbs do.

Buy $249.00