20 Free Stock Pictures of Flowers

Would you believe me if I told you that flowers have the power to change one’s disposition and overall mood in an instant?

Not everybody is a flower person. Although it’s typical to see men handing a bunch of flowers to a girl they’re trying to woo, it’s not exactly a scene you see on a daily basis.

This is why you’d probably be surprised if I told you that we should be doing this more often. If you don’t have somebody to give flowers to, then find another way to somehow be in the presence of florals each day. And yes, this proposal is based on thorough research that tells us what a huge effect flowers actually have on people’s moods, emotions and overall disposition.

What is the impact of flowers on the way people think?

They bring immediate happiness.

Do you see that twinkle in anybody’s eye when they receive flowers? That alone demonstrates the immediate effect that flowers have on one’s mood. The research done showed that it didn’t even matter what age group people belong to. The smiles that they show upon receiving blossoms are genuine, never faked.

They have a long-term positive effect.

It’s not just the immediate effect of flowers that proves to be inspirational. It’s also the long-term effects. During the course of the research mentioned earlier, they found that people who are frequently exposed to flowers are generally happier and less agitated, even if they were previously people who were experiencing depression or anxiety.

They promote closer relationships.

When there are flowers around, people relate with each other better and build stronger connections. This is one reason why people give each other flowers when there are special occasions, or when they are remembering someone. Flowers remind people of the value of the relationship, and the flowers are the perfect symbol for that.

Truly, it is not just something people should be doing as a romantic gesture. Surround yourself with blooms and you’ll somehow find life getting better and better.

Spreading the love around? Look at these great images of flowers below. Each image could have the same effect of actual blooms, so start using them on projects you’re working on, or for your own personal purpose. You can add them to your blogs, or use them for your own journal. Promote more positivity to yourself and the people around you by using the powerful effect flowers have.


Colorful flower shining in the sun with green leaves and other flowers in the background.

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The sun shining on a butterfly while it’s on a yellow flower.

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Close-up shot of red flowers with dark green background.

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Butterfly sitting on a branch of a beautiful plant with yellow flower.

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A huge cow fly on top of a beautiful flower plant.

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Beautiful white and yellow flowers with lush green leaves in the background. An amazing nature background.

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Beautiful nature picture at sunrise. The focus is on the marvelous pink flowers and the green leaves.

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A beautiful Gilliflower with a pretty pink fragrant and luscious flower. Dark green leaves in the background.

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The fifth most popular flower in the world, Gerbera daisies can mean innocence, purity, and cheerfulness.

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Cherry blossom flowers in the morning.