40 Free Stock Photos of Beautiful Horses

Horses are fascinating creatures. Regardless if you know how to ride one or not, you can always find interesting things about them.

Did you know that:

  • The hooves of a horse have the same protein you can find in human hair and nails.
  • There was a period in the past when people assumed horses were colorblind. In reality, horses are NOT colorblind, but they see things better if they are yellow or green. They find it hard to see things in purple.
  • The French word for horse is “cheval.” It’s where the word chivalry is derived.
  • Horses can sleep either standing up or laying down, but they are much comfortable with the former. They can only sleep laying down for a short period.
  • The teeth of a horse never stop growing.
  • If you want to check if a horse is cold, feel behind its ears. If that part of its body is cold, then so is the horse.
  • The eyes of a horse are on the sides of its head. As such, a horse can see its surroundings at almost 360 degrees without moving its head.
  • The richest horse race purse in the world is the Dubai World Cup that costs 6 million USD.
  • There’s only one classification of wild horses that still exists today. It’s Przewalski’s horse, and it’s found in Mongolia.
  • Horses are plant eaters.
  • A stallion is a male horse. A mare is a female horse. A colt is a young male horse. A filly is a young female horse.
  • The horse’s “wide grin” is actually not laughter, but a flehmen response. It is a unique nose-enhancing technique that helps a horse to waft scents toward its olfactory glands.
  • Horses are used in different ways. They breed, recreate, do plain old barn work, and compete in sports. Breeding horses is huge business. In fact, the horse industry in the U.S. is projected to have an economic effect of $39 billion every year. Plus, there are roughly 4.6 million Americans who work in a horse-related industry.
  • Since the 17th century, horses are used in peacetime law enforcement. The very first mounted police unit was founded in 1805 in London. Police horses have been adopted by Australians and Americans, too.
  • There is a small indent in a horse’s skin usually found on its neck or shoulder. It’s referred as the “prophet’s mark” and is considered a sign of good luck.

Here are some beautiful horse photos that will make you yearn for a horseback ride.


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