Exploring Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard (20 Photos)



Yes, the infamous (and rather strange) airplane graveyard, in Bangkok is a tourist attraction worth visiting – especially if you want to see something unique. Located in the Hua Mak neighborhood up Ramkhamhaeng Road, it’s a spot that’s hard to miss. Maybe it’s because of the fact that it’s an open wasteland filled with massive aircrafts (one of them, a Boeing 747).

The Bangkok airplane graveyard is not an official name, but it came to be because planes have apparently been sitting there since 2010. The wasteland is supposedly owned by a Thai businessman who sells the aircraft parts for scrap. If you’re on the more adventurous nature, visiting this odd attraction might make your trip more worthwhile.

The airplane graveyard, Bangkok has become an informal home to a few families as well. When visiting, be mindful and polite at all times. As there are technically no set rules or authorities in the place, they act as keepers and will charge fees from visitors. But once you get inside, an hour or two should be enough to get your fix of old, fallen iron birds.



Depending on your visit, you might find yourself alone with all the somewhat creepy abandoned planes. An unusual experience no less – but definitely something to write home about. Want to see more of Bangkok‘s airplane graveyard? Simply download this exclusive photo pack.


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