The Top 10 US Cities for Young Freelancers


In life, there are several things that a large majority of us tends to pursue. Finding a home and having a family is one of them, as we want a place where we belong and someone to love us and care for us. We as human beings simply have an innate desire for being close to someone and belonging somewhere.

Another goal that we pursue, sometimes throughout our entire lives, is finding a fulfilling profession. In these modern times, if you belong to certain professions, it is possible to work from the cosiness of your home, but also to travel if you want to, or at least to move from a city to city.

In other words, freelancing is a very popular lifestyle today. Here is our list of the top 10 US cities for young freelancers.


1. New York


Was there any chance that New York won’t be included on the top 10 US cities for young freelancers list? One of the most recognizable cities in the world, New York offers pretty much endless possibilities. The energy of the city can be overwhelming, and moving here with the help of someone like Verified Movers is definitely a good move.

Many world renown companies have their seats or at least representatives here. Being a freelancer in New York cannot be a bad thing whatever your exact line of work may be.


2. San Francisco


San Francisco may be pricey, but it has to offer a lot in exchange. It is a very popular city among the freelance community and the reasons are quite clear. With literally hundreds of startups hiring freelancers from all sides, finding a job here is easier than not finding it.

With giants like Facebook giving you an opportunity to do all sorts of things such as running social campaigns or being a web developer, San Francisco is easily one of the top 10 US cities for young freelancers.


3. Atlanta


For some, including Atlanta on this list may seem surprising, but it should definitely not be. Atlanta is a great place for young freelancers as it is not as big as some other cities on this list, but still has a huge portion of opportunities to offer to aspiring young people.

The fact that around 10% of Atlanta’s population is self-employed in various areas from creating all sorts of SEO content to web developing is a great proof of Atlanta’s potential.


4. Austin


Austin is the probably the permanent underdog on each of these lists, but Austin does fully deserve to be here. If you are a creative young freelancer, then coming here is probably one of the possible ideas you will ever make.

Whether you are a design freelancer or an IT expert, you will find that Austin is a really forthcoming place for everyone who is creative and has a vision of what they want to share with the world. With zero income tax, this city is a great place for starting up your career.


5. Los Angeles


As some other entries on this list, Los Angeles is by itself a hugely famous place. Being the city where Hollywood, probably the world’s greatest entertainment industry is located, it was always bound to be a mecca for young freelancers, and the fact that more and more long distance moves in California have been happening in recent years just goes to prove that.

Los Angeles is, simply put, a fertile ground for all sorts of startup businesses. The social life here is wild and crazy, and everyone is always going somewhere. Establishing connections is one of the greatest things L.A. offers.


6. Portland


If you are not familiar with the tidings in the business world, then this may sound like a surprise, but Portland is easily one of the top 10 US cities for young freelancers. In fact, the Freelancers Union is in Portland actually, which makes all the sense.

Why? Well, around 15% of Portlanders are freelancers. The city offers many business opportunities, but also has a lot to offer in terms of life quality. There is a lot of greenery here and riding bikes is a very common thing here.


7. Seattle


People sometimes describe Seattle as the mix of San Francisco, New York, and Portland. It is as if someone took all the best things about these three and put them all together.

Microsoft is based here, which by itself is a huge deal. However, it is not so overwhelmed with technology like New York and San Francisco. There is a lot of places here where you can enjoy nature and relax.


 8. Washington, DC


The capital city of the United States of America has always had to be a city of opportunities. Many freelancers choose it as their home, for many different reasons.

Yes, it may be a bit expensive with 8.5% income tax rate, but it is a great place for women who own businesses for starters. Startups are appearing here on an almost daily basis.

Furthermore, it has a lot to offer in terms of museums and other cultural institutions.


9. Boston


Boston is one of the greatest cities in the United States. That by itself is a guarantee that it has a lot to offer to anyone living here.

Young freelancers can find many opportunities here the instant they set their foot in the city. It offers a lot in terms of financial stability and education.

Also, the work-life balance here is amazing with the variety of cultural events and a strong desire of its residents for a healthier life.


The last but, not the least on our the top 10 US cities for young freelancers list is… 10. Chicago


Chicago is one of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world. As such it is bound to offer more than plenty of options for anyone willing to work. The “Windy City” is always compared to New York as being just like, but cleaner.

Chicago is a great centre of culture and arts scene, offering any aspiring individual many possibilities. It is one of the greatest cities in the world, after all.

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