Branding on Social Media – Fastest Path to Public Recognition

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Business owners can put a lot of sweat into business development: coming up with unique ideas, and turning them into value. However, without a strong brand, you won’t be remembered by the public. People need to know about you in order to become your potential customers – and with social media, you can achieve just that.

Social media platforms are one of the largest sources of information in the world today. Promoting your brand on Twitter and Facebook can never be a wrong move. It also doesn’t cost as much as traditional marketing techniques, such as TV or billboard ads.

With the right planning and targeting the right audience, you can increase your chances of standing out among your competitors. We give you some quick, but effective tips that will get you started and help you get the most out of social media when building your brand.


7 Steps for Branding on Social Media

7 Steps for Branding on Social Media

1. Promote your content via social media campaigns.

As it has become increasingly difficult to obtain organic reach, paid campaigns might be a better option for building your brand on social networks. Strategies such as contests and giveaways are used by most brands. This approach helps them successfully generate leads and gain visibility.

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Provide your audience with incentives that encourage user participation. Make sure that your social media campaigns offer value to its participants. Remember: if you don’t use social media platforms appropriately, it’s easy to alienate people or simply waste everyone’s time.


2. Connect with social media influencers.

Large companies, such as Apple or Nike, get a lot of engagement when they post something on Facebook or Instagram. Unlike these established brands, your content won’t get the same amount of attention because you are yet to be known.

In order to amplify your social media branding efforts and achieve faster results, build relationships with influencers. These people are already well-known and have built their audience. Thus, you can benefit from them by getting a mention or a co-sign.

Influencers are NOT people who have a lot of followers! Rather, they are individuals who are active, authentic, engaging, have the expertise, and act as thought leaders in their respective niches.


3. Analyze your audience and focus on them.

One of the most important aspects of building a brand is creating a well-thought out campaign. In order to know a plan’s effectiveness as well as get the best results, you need to research your target audience.

Conduct a detailed analysis, define your ideal client, find out where they are likely to be found, and direct your efforts towards them. Customize your branding development strategy to reach that specific demographic.

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If you don’t have the necessary experience in this field, you can always schedule a consultation with a professional, such as this branding agency from Melbourne.


4. Be consistent with your topics.

Branding on Social Media

Many businesses share content on social media blindly, without a clear idea about what topics to focus on. Curating is a great way to provide a steady flow of non-self-promotional social media posts and build authority in your niche.

Pick several topics that are closely related to your industry. Then find videos, blogs, and articles that deal with those subjects. With this strategy, your social media profiles won’t be filled with a random mix of irrelevant topics.


5. Engage your audience.

Engage your audience when posting on social media. Every positive interaction increases the chances for a conversion (even though not every post will result in it). By increasing interaction with customers on social media, you’ll get more opportunity to drive traffic to your brand pages.

Once your audience starts mentioning your brand’s name in their posts, they influence their peers, making you more visible to the network. Your SEO rankings will also thank you for this.


6. Be responsive.

Branding on Social Media

It’s a big deal for a customer when they know that they can reach your company on social media and are encouraged to do so. Quick and responsive communication is a great opportunity to provide the right service in front of a large audience.

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Address customer complaints head on, instead of being afraid of them. When you treat customers right, these issues can turn into great customer reviews and testimonials.


7. Use the power of scheduling tools.

For companies with small teams, scheduling tools can be lifesavers. They can help keep your social activities consistent AND reduce the stress of multitasking, eventually resulting in improved efficiency.

Avoid the trap of relying on automation tools completely, as they can ruin your social media presence. There is a real person behind your accounts – and your audience should always be reminded of it.

Stay engaged. Automate what you can, but remember that not everything should be – or can be – automated.


This is the time when you must look at the horizon and follow how new trends emerge. The majority of digital marketers today employs social tools – so do your research. Find which social media platform appeals to your target audience the most.

The realm of social media is the best shot to raise your brand awareness and build a strong, large following. If you still haven’t gotten involved, NOW is definitely the time.