Consider Some of the Best 6 Sorts of Careers for Introverts

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

There is a more significant number of introverts compared to extroverts in society. Although most people have introverted personalities naturally, some choose it. Not all introverts are shy, speak softly, and avoid social interactions. Most are sociable and have incredible skills not known.

Many introverts find it hard to get a career that is in line with their interpersonal skills. They often feel out of place in society, and some even commit suicide. If you are an introvert looking for the best career to start, you are in the right place. This blog discusses the best 6 Sorts of careers for introverts.

Accounting manager

Do you have accounting skills and you don’t know where to apply? Being an accountant manager is the best alternative for you. Get yourself into the accounting department and enjoy what you are best in.

Accounting is not as hard as you think if you are passionate about it. It’s about analyzing data and supervising the work of your junior personnel. Consider becoming a junior accountant if you don’t mind being ordered around by others.

An accountant manager gets an average of SDG78,638 per year. That’s quite a considerable sum of money, keeping in mind that you will be making good use of your calculation skills. However, you need to be extra careful with the data because you will be responsible in case of money mismanagement.


therapist writing notes PPLAK

As an introvert, you know how it feels to be isolated, misjudged, and mistreated by others. Probably you have experienced it yourself from people who didn’t understand you. That experience affected you so much.

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Maybe you thought of ending your life. Your experience may have been dire, and perhaps you wouldn’t want anyone else to go through the same. If that’s the case, the behavioral therapist is the way to go.

Therapists deal with people with mental illness, depression, eating disorders, and self-discrimination. Therefore, it will be easy for you to help such people because you know what they are going through. The clients will also be at ease to know that their therapist understands their situation.

The average income for a therapist is SDG17.75 per hour. With therapy, you are the one to choose the session period and the number of clients you can do per day. This means you are in control of your program; hence no one can interfere with your timings.


Most introverts are known to be bookworms. Although there is some truth in it, not all love books. Some prefer doing other activities rather than being pinned for hours reading about things they have no interest in.

It is not mandatory to be a reader for you to be a librarian. But it is more advantageous if you love books. Clients will not take it positively when you have no book to suggest to them.

It will also be shameful when a client asks you for the latest novel, and you know nothing about it.

Generally, a librarian’s job is to be in charge of the library. That involves the budget of the books and supervising the junior staff. Interestingly, most libraries have Wi-Fi. What a privilege to spend nothing on your internet budget for a whole year!

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close up picture of hands typing on a laptop write GBDLH

According to research, writing is the best way to express your thoughts if you are lonely. This gives introverts an excellent opportunity to share their thoughts without socializing. There are many options in this career. You can choose to write novels, freelancing writing, or technical writing.

As an introvert, you like a quiet self-time to have your own imaginations and to do your personal things. Writing will not stop you from having that. If you choose to be a technical writer, you can write user manuals or any materials for companies.

As for freelance writing, what you need is to sign up for writing apps and make your own money by selling your writing skills. You can even start your own writing business by securing a loan and checking instant loan online.

IT manager

This is one of the best paying careers in the world. With advancing technology, the demand for technical knowledge increases. More IT personnel are needed to keep up with the pressure. You have to be technology savvy to succeed in this career.

Let no one fool you that you can make it through because you are active in the social media world. IT is about dealing with software and hardware upgrades and any other thing concerning computers. You have to be smart and quite a genius to succeed in this career.

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Think of becoming an IT manager if you want to get a higher income with fewer duties. But that requires you to get more advanced education than others and to be more diligent in getting a promotion. An IT manager receives an average income of $83,896 per year. Don’t forget there are nice gigs they get for coming up with useful software applications.


graphic designer drawing fashion illustration TMNXQ

Introverts have very unique designing skills, but they lack where to apply them. During weekends, you will find them designing things while their peers have gone for parties. The introverts prefer to watch animations and draw their favorite characters than to watch movies.

Landscape and graphic design are the most ranked in this career line. Only creativity and skills are needed here. If you love nature and the things on it, this is the best career you can think of!

The Bottom Line

Finding a nice job is quite challenging at the moment. Most of the graduates are yet to be absorbed in the labor market. It might seem even more challenging for introverts.

Are you one of them? Well, this blog has discussed the best 6 options for introverts. Which one interests you?

However, you are not limited to them. There are still many career choices available to you. What you need to do is to look at your personality, likes, and skill and then choose what suits you.

Think critically before making decisions and show the world how talented you are.