5 Things You Need to Know About Effective Social Media Writing

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Time people spend on social media is growing year after year. Social networks are no longer just used for interaction with friends and family. It is also a major source of income for businesses, and a place for marketers to conduct their marketing campaigns to obtain new leads.

Statistics show that people spend up to two hours daily on social media. The Global Web Index reports that this number is continuously growing, as its impact on users keeps increasing. Five years ago, people used to spend around 1.5 hours a day on social media. Today, this number has exceeded two hours.

And that it is not the end. Can you believe it?

With this number in mind, social media marketers create millions of posts. Are all of them equally read and shared? No.

If you want to create effective social media content, you need to learn HOW to deliver great content that will go viral.

We have gathered useful tips for you on how to do it right. So, read on and get ready to implement them right away, as time is money!

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A Complete Guide To Writing Effective Social Media Posts

How to write effective social media posts

1. Don’t only talk about yourself.

We all know how it feels to be around people that go “me, me, me” all the time. No matter what subject you discuss, they will always find a way to self-promote their skills, abilities, and experience.

After some time tolerating these people, you choose NOT to be around them – at all.

The same applies online. Whenever you’re writing for social media, you cannot just talk about yourself, your personality, or your business.

Choose the “one-third” principle: talk about your business 30 percent of the time, while the other 70 percent you dedicate to industry developments, as well as interacting with people’s questions and inquiries.


2. Keep it short.

Colored Pencils on a white table desk

With so many things in our lives, we do not have enough time to read long articles. So if you want to grasp someone’s attention, keep your ideas concise. Let readers understand and relate to you without having to make their way through too many details.

Reading should be effortless. It is your job to ensure that it is, in fact, so.


3. Add visual content.

Whether you are writing an essay topics list, or covering the latest news in sports, you need to support your posts with visual content.

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People engage with visuals better. They are easy to comprehend, and you do not have to spend time reading the whole text.

Moreover, visual content can be witty. This can help improve your image based on your target audience. Don’t lose a chance to increase the impact of your writing with well-fitting visuals.


4. Help readers find a solution.

Young man writing down his ideas inside a plain notebook

Try solving problems your readers have. After all, it’s one of the main reasons why we go online: we want to have something solved – and the Web is where we look for an answer.

If your content doesn’t offer solutions, it might fail to resonate with readers. As a result, it might not get shares, likes, or grow its click-through rate.

Always look at different problems from a position of how you can present information in a way that will help and answer questions.


5. Entertain them.

Alternatively, you should also entertain a reader, as they are not always ready to learn and solve issues. Sometimes, they go online only to distract themselves from reality.

Funny videos, goofy images, and witty quotes are all good for this. You know how they say “Laugh your troubles away”? This should be your case! Entertain the reader, be a friend – but in a nice way that won’t hurt your image.

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Social media is packed with marketers trying to conduct their marketing campaign the right way. But many of them fail to reach out to the correct audience, because their methods are not chosen wisely.

Be different.

Take these five recommendations and apply them to your social media writing – and you will see how the right tone, clear understanding of style, and ethics can do wonders to your success online! You can also seek the help of professional essay writing services: they are pros after all.