50 Free Cherry Blossom Photos (Photo Pack)


There’s something about cherry blossoms that can make a person smile, tear up, or even both. Its beauty brings a sense of calm, perhaps because the tree’s soft, fluttery blossoms signal the arrival of spring. Cherry blossoms are native to Asia, particularly in Japan (where they’re more popularly known as Sakura), South Korea, China, and India.

A fully bloomed cherry blossom tree during springtime is a lavish spectacle. This is partly due to the delicate beauty of the flowers and partly because of how brief they share their beauty with the world. After only two weeks, the blossoms fall to the ground and wither. It’s hardly a wonder that viewing spots are always crowded with people savoring the beauty of the flowers, even at night.

There are a lot of fascinating trivia about cherry blossoms. They are also full of symbolism. Did you know that:

In China, cherry blossoms are highly valued as they signify love and the female aura of beauty, sexuality, and strength.

In Japan, the pale blooms represent renewal, rebirth, and hope.

Picnicking under cherry blossom trees is a century-old tradition in Japan. It’s called Hanami which means “flower viewing.” There are even cultural hints that this tradition started way back with emperors and members of the Imperial Palace. Picnics at night, known as Yozakura, is also a Japanese tradition. To further illuminate the trees, the picnic goers often hang paper lanterns.

In Japanese culture, a cherry blossom is the embodiment of beauty and mortality. For the samurai, a fallen petal or flower signifies the end of their short lives. Sakura is also esteemed for its symbolism of agricultural reproduction. The blossoming season of the Sakura coincides with the start of a new Japanese calendar year, which brings new hope. In Japan, when the trees are in full bloom, the possibilities of the future are endless.

In Japan, the Sakura season differs from one place to another as there’s a geological sequence that takes place. A “Sakura front” is typically broadcasted on TV, much like a weather report.

Cherry blossom is the floral representation of the friendship between Japan and the US. The Sakura planted in the US originated from a tree gifted by Japan in 1912. The Americans reciprocated the kind gesture three years after. They sent flowering dogwood trees.

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