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Attending a concert can be a life-altering experience, particularly if the artist is someone you love and look up to.

Concerts can make you feel alive. They can forge a more intimate connection between you and the artist performing. They can evoke all kinds of emotions. A single act can make you dance and have fun with thousands of people. A song performed in a live concert can make you weep like there’s no tomorrow. Everyone should attend a concert, even just once, in their lifetime.

Here are some concert tidbits you may not know.

  • As far as classic rock is concerned, Hendrix’s Monterey Pop Festival concert performance on June 18, 1967, remains to be the “show of all shows.” This event was when the guitar genius cemented his undeniable status as one of – if not – the best rockers of all time. He but all dominated the ‘60s music scene, and this concert showed the world how his talent can burn guitars like no other.
  • The Rolling Stones has been a four-time highest-grossing concert tour titleholder. Their last show-stopping concert tour entitled A Bigger Bang currently holds the second spot on the list.
  • As part of their Monsters of Rock ’91 concert tour to promote their 1990’s Black Album, Metallica performed in Moscow for free. It was held at the Tushino Airfield and was the last leg of their worldwide tour. It was the first free show in Moscow that featured a global rock band. Over a million came to the free event, making it Metallica’s highest-attended concert to date.
  • Aside from her music repertoire, Madonna concerts are known for their provocative nature. It has always been the case since the Queen of Pop stormed on the scene in 1984. But, it was the magnitude of her Sticky and Sweet concert tour that propelled her to a whole new level. In 2009, said concert tour became the highest grossing tour by a solo artist with an average of 41,000 tickets sold per show.
  • Certainly, one of the most memorable concerts of all time was on April 20, 1992. It was the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert held at the London Wembley Stadium. The show was a tribute to Freddie Mercury, Queen’s frontman, who died of AIDS five months prior. It was also a benefit concert for AIDS research. Aside from the members of Queen, rock group legends like Guns N’ Roses, U2, and Metallica graced the show.

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