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These days, it’s not just planes and birds that roam the sky anymore. Drones are now the new flying machines. As technology advances, it seems that these aerial devices become savvier and smarter, too. They have taken the world by storm with their handy features and sleek looks. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) deliver impressive technology. They boast complex programs that enable them to stay in the air or go in different directions without a pilot.

Did you know that:

The reason behind the creation of the first “armed” drones, the Predator, was Osama bin Laden. Just a week before the 9/11 attacks, the National Security Council concurred that the Predator was not yet operationally stable for deployment. So, the first recorded killing via armed drones happened in Afghanistan in November 2001. The target was Mohammed Atef, an al Qaeda military commander.

Israel is the largest exporter of drones – both in defense and technology – in the world. Israel Aerospace Industries market drones and drone tech to 20+ countries worldwide. USA is likewise a large manufacturer of drones. Other countries have tried to develop and market UAVs, but most of them fail due to inferior technology.

Domino’s Pizza used a drone – the DomiCopter – to deliver pizza. On a trial test, DomiCopter successfully flew and transported pizza in a span of ten minutes. The pizza place posted a video of their drone completing its mission. The idea is to bring pizza to their customer’s home faster, so the precious cargo remains hot and crisp.

Authorities from other countries use drones for a variety of security reasons. In Tokyo, the metropolitan police department even created a Special Drone Unit where UAVs with nets are used to catch illegal UAVs. The group is tasked to apprehend drones that are suspected of flying over banned places, spying on buildings or simply being a nuisance.

The Shootings Stars, the drones used in Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance, first displayed their awesomeness in the latter part of 2016. They “performed” thrice a week in Disney World as part of the theme park’s holiday event. The Shooting Stars formed symbols related to Christmas. Like in Gaga’s half-time performance, it was also Intel that managed the 500-drone light show display.

In a recent study, the industry in the US uses drone technology the most is photography.

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