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Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Back in the day, the way office spaces were designed were pretty rudimentary. All you can see were the standard furniture pieces and supplies like desks, shrivel chairs, folders, manila envelopes, pens, paper clips and the like. But these days, office space interiors are more conceptualized. They reflect the product or service provided by the company. They are more inviting and visually appealing. In fact, office space trends are now thoroughly researched and outlined by artists and interior designers.

Here are some office space trends you can try to elevate the look and feel of your place of work.

Hide the Wires

According to surveys, one of the most popular features business owners ask from interior designers is discreet wire storage. This is unsurprising, since visible wires from computers, laptops, and other electric devices can make a room look messy. It doesn’t matter if the devices are top of the line – their tangled wires can easily make the room appear disorganized. Thankfully, many designers now offer ways to hide cable wires to make the office look clean and organized all the time.

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Keep Nature In

One of the biggest trends in today’s design industry is bringing the outdoors in. Most office spaces today incorporate nature into their theme or design style. Some do this by placing real flowers and plants strategically all over the office to freshen up the space. Others use reclaimed wood panel installations to evoke a natural feel in the room. Big companies even have fish ponds or waterfalls inside their office buildings.

Versatile Workstations

Office cubicles are out, bench-ins are in. These days, most office spaces – especially in startups – opt for bench-ins rather than the traditional yet isolating cubicle spaces. Bench-ins promote non-assigned seating as well, which is something most Millennials appreciate. The setup in bench-ins also promotes room versatility. Because there are no partitions, the space can easily transform from being simple workstations to a big conference room.

Fun Rooms

A lot of companies have followed the steps of tech giants like Google and Facebook when it comes to their office interior design. This means, many office spaces today have their own “fun room” – or an area where employees can just rest or chill out either alone or with their co-workers. Most office fun rooms have lounge areas for resting and entertainment stuff like a billiard table to make the employees’ chill out time worth their while.

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For more ideas and inspirations on office space designs, here are some photos you can look at.

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