Top 10 Free Online Tools for Writers to Avoid Common Mistakes


Several years ago, the typewriter was the top technology device writers used to make their work easier. Today, we have computers that allow us to access anything we want on the internet.

The rapid advancement of technology has made most aspects of our lives easier including writing. You can access crucial writing tools that will greatly improve the quality of your writing. The best thing about these apps is you can use them for free.

It takes time to find great apps that you can use for free. You should be spending most of your time writing and pleasing your clients. That’s why I have taken my time to put together a list of my favorite writing apps.

All ambitious writers should use writing apps every day. If you are not using writing apps, you are putting yourself at risk. With the high level of competition, you might find yourself out. So, start using the following writing tools today.


1. Google Docs


Google Docs is a great word processor for people who don’t like using Microsoft Word. The main advantage of Google Docs is how accessible it can be to team members working in remote locations. Team members can access the document using different devices and see the changes happening in real-time as you work on the document.

Furthermore, all the changes will be automatically saved immediately. This means you cannot lose information if your computer crashes or hangs, unlike Microsoft Word. You can also create PDF files easily using Google Docs.


2. Draft

Draft is also an online word processor that is a great substitute for Google Docs. Draft has a great interface that is distraction-free. This will help you maintain your concentration and focus when writing. As my assignment help reports, Draft also has tons of cool features such as the ability to share documents with team members and accept or decline the changes made.

Also, all your work will be saved online. This makes it difficult for you to lose information and time. Draft tracks the number of words you write every day. It will even send you an email reminding you to meet your word count goal.


3. Reedsy editor


Reedsy Editor is a free app that allows you to write and import and format your manuscript. You can typeset it instantly and print-ready files easily. It is a great alternative to most software programs such as Scrivener. This is an app worth trying out when you have the chance.


4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular and amazing proofreading tool that helps you spot and correct spelling and grammatical errors. It also helps you change awkward sentences before submitting your work to clients. Grammarly will correct any written thing in a browser. The majority of college students and essay writers use it when editing and proofreading their essays and research papers.

While it’s a great app, you should not rely on it alone. Before changing anything on your article or essay, ensure it’s worth changing. Changing things without checking might result in disaster. Grammarly is an efficient tool that all writers should use.


5. Hemmingway Editor


Hemmingway Editor analyzes a piece of writing to enhance simplicity and clarity. It calculates how readable your writing is and highlights passive voice, adverbs, and vague, complicated and dull words. Hemmingway Editor is a great web application that will help you learn how to write properly and effectively. You can use Hemmingway Editor whenever you want.


6. Readability Score

This web-based application helps you improve your writing by analyzing and measuring your text’s readability. According to writing help review, readability score will help you see what level of education someone needs to attain to read your text. Knowing this is crucial for every writer because we all write to reach a specific target audience. Knowing the readability score of your writing will help you discover the changes and adjustments you need to make.


7. Cliché Finder


Cliché Finder, as its name suggests is used for locating metaphors, figures of speech or simile that most people see on print regularly. A piece of writing that is full of cliché cannot make an impact on readers. Using this app will help you find cliché and correct your piece of writing so that it can help your readers and improve their lives.


8. Todoist

Todoist is a great task management app that helps you create to-do lists with dates and times. Todoist is an online app that will enable you to create custom schedules for all the days in front of you. It will remind you of your goals and help you stay on track every single day. With Todoist, you’ll have the most productive days in your life. And most importantly, you will perform better.


9. Trello


Trello is an amazing online application that will help you stay on top of your tasks and projects. It’s a free application that will enable you to organize and plan your writing activities especially if you are working with a team. It allows you to arrange your activities in columns. You can arrange your activities in order of priority to make things easier for you and your team.


10. Evernote

Evernote is the go-to app if you want to create to-do lists, write down a few notes and write a couple of blog ideas. It also allows you to take audio notes. Using the Evernote Web Clipper, you can save articles across the web for future reference by clipping them. Further, you can access Evernote on any device at your convenience.



Technology has made most aspects of our lives easier including writing. Writers can access the apps discussed above whenever they want using the internet. The best thing about all these is apps is you can use them for free. So, what you are waiting for? Improve the quality of your writing by using these apps today!

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