33 Free Rad Photos of Skateboarders

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Some feel they wreak havoc everywhere they go, but there’s more to these skateboarders than meets the eye. It’s not just about skating around without regard to safety – both their own and others’. There are so many reasons why people get on their skateboards and start moving at unbelievable speeds and performing amazing, heart-stopping tricks. Here are some of the biggest reasons why skateboarders do what they do:

It’s an awesome community.

Skateboarders will always have other skateboarders’ back, no judgment or questions. It’s a tight-knit community where everyone understands each other. They share the same passion, after all. And if it all comes down to it, they will all go against the world through all the judgment and hate thrown at them.

It’s a great use of creative juices.

It’s not just about randomly jumping and sliding around. For all these sequences to flow together smoothly, you would need a creative mind that will tell you what to do next.

It’s for all ages.

You see kids do it. You see teenagers do it. Go to the right spot and you’ll see people in their 40’s or 50’s still doing it. That’s the great thing about the sport. It encompasses the usual limitations of aging and allows everyone to enjoy the ride.

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It’s a great way to have a different perspective of the world.

You just don’t see the world in the same way when you’re cruising around on a board. You get a perspective that people driving their cars or riding buses do not see. There are little details in every city that people ignore, but you will always learn to appreciate. Simple things like park benches and stairs grab you by the neck and drag you into thinking about an awesome sequence where you get to use everything you see around you at that exact moment.

It’s the perfect way to show resourcefulness.

Not all skateboarders have fancy ramps at home. More often than not, the best skaters make do with what they have. That random street curb, that ramp outside the mall – you learn how to roll with the punches and just use what’s already there.

Here’s a collection of pictures that will give you a peek at the amazing world skateboarders live in. Savor it, relish it, and share it. It’s something not everyone has the privilege of experiencing up close and personal like this.

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