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Every relationship is precious, but nothing can be sweeter than the thought of taking it to the next level and bringing in the thought of forever. Sure, relationships can last forever without the need for formalities. But there’s something about reciting your vows in front of witnesses that makes the union an even bigger commitment. It becomes an ode to the thought of fighting for this relationship with every ounce of strength you have, instead of merely spitting it out when things get tough.

This is probably why people cry at weddings. Outside all the divorces, separations and annulments you’ve heard about or witnessed, every wedding is another chance to see two people fight against all odds and create a life that leads to eternity.

The wedding photos below display all the things that these vows represent. With each image captures, you become witness to the following:

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Weddings are the perfect occasion to understand what commitment is all about. Here are two people, both imperfect in their own ways, committing to this union. This commitment means they understand that things are not always going to be easy. But even through the hard times, they will still be there.


Announcing your union to the world through a meaningful ceremony represents respect. It means you respect each other enough to be proud of them, to the extent of involving everybody around you in the ritual. It is also respect that would make two people decide to officially be together. It means that they have discovered each other’s good and bad sides and respect every single factor that makes each person who they are.


Of course, on top of all these is love. It’s not just about what the other person can give – it’s also about accepting that the other person cannot give you the world, but his or her presence in your life is enough. It’s also about knowing that at the end of the day, love always conquers all fears.

Take a look at each of the wedding photos below and see how they affect you. Be inspired by the commitment, respect and love that is portrayed in each of these frames. It doesn’t even matter how fancy or how simple the ceremony is. After all, weddings are not just about signature gowns and lavish buffet settings. It’s about the people there and what they chose to do on that day.

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