How CBD Made its Way Into The Skincare Industry

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

CBD topicals have always made up a large segment of the CBD industry. Topicals such as CBD creams and CBD patches are often recommended for treating aches and pains as well as surface-level irritations and blemishes.

A new branch of the CBD topical market has emerged over the last few years and is quickly becoming part of mainstream retail. CBD skincare topicals can now be found in abundance online and in many beauty, supermarket, and health stores. 

Some of the best CBD creams and CBD topicals are designed to be used as daily beauty products rather than health items.

So, what exactly are CBD skincare topicals, and why are they becoming so popular?

What Are CBD Skincare Topicals, and How Are They Different from Other CBD Products?

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The term CBD topical is used to describe any CBD products applied directly to the outer layers of the body. Other CBD products such as oils and edibles are different in that they are ingested, resulting in them being processed by the body in a slightly different way.

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Traditioal CBD topical options include CBD cream, patches, and balms. These products are traditionally used to help manage pain and inflammation. CBD topicals can also be used for their calming effects; this is the case for CBD bath bombs.

CBD skincare topicals are slightly different from these more conventional topicals, as their focus is largely on skin conditions.

CBD skincare topicals are designed to be used as an alternative to regular skin and beauty products. Popular CBD skincare topicals include face creams, lip balms, and hand creams. CBD hair care products are also becoming a much more mainstream item making it easy to switch your entire self-care routine to one infused with CBD.

Why Have CBD Skincare Topicals Become so Popular, and What Can You Expect?

As mentioned above, CBD skincare topicals offer something slightly different from traditional topicals.

CBD face creams and other skincare topicals still provide the health benefits associated with CBD, as well as additional effects, such as intense hydration.

When using CBD skincare products, you can still expect them to help with inflammation and pain issues. However, CBD skincare topicals tend to contain a much lower concentration of CBD than those designed to treat health conditions and might be slightly less effective.

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CBD skincare topicals tend to be packed with natural ingredients known to help improve the skin’s overall health and appearance. Similar minerals and vitamins are used as those found within non-CBD creams and balms.

CBD skincare products can be an extremely effective and simple way to add CBD into your beauty routine while not missing out on the benefits of traditional skincare products. These products can also be used in place of other face and body creams, making them easy to work into your day.

The Best Ways to Use CBD Skincare Topicals

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CBD skincare products are increasingly seen as mainstream self-care products and, as a result, have become much easier to find. There are many different options to choose from, including CBD lip balms, face creams, eye creams, body, hand, and feet balms.

The best way to start using CBD skincare topicals is to use them in place of CBD-free items that you already use. However, everybody’s skin is different, so be vigilant about the quality of the product you are using. Additionally, be wary of any irritation, rashing, or inflammation while using a new skincare product. If you experience any of these symptoms, the product should be removed immediately.