Should I Invest in Storytelling to Enhance Brand Awareness?


As the industry of accounting is full of numbers and long hours, your business should aim at integrating Artificial Intelligence to it for optimum function. You can join the 58% of large companies that use cloud accounting and bring in more clients to your business.

Using accounting programs that use Artificial Intelligence will cut down your operating costs, manage your time better and position you for future changes. Your time could be better spent enhancing your brand awareness by creating an extensive digital footprint. In that process, should you focus on storytelling to increase brand awareness?


Why is brand storytelling important?

Most businesses now have websites and blogs where they regularly post content. This is a great marketing strategy, but everyone is using it now and that will cause your brand not to get the recognition it deserves.

To combat this, you need to have a “one-up” against your competitors and by telling your story you are making yourself unique and marking what makes you different.

Your service packages and the quality of your work don’t factor in much now because anyone can do exactly what you do, with the same pricing. For that reason, you should let your customers know what is behind the service package they are buying.

What makes brand storytelling unique is that your story has specific points that no one else can ever copy. The authenticity of your story is everything, so when you do your brand storytelling, you must be as honest as you possibly can. Your story will then be effectively memorable to your potential clients.


Reasons for investing in brand storytelling


Brand storytelling is something you should invest in because it offers you a platform to expose your brand. Another reason why you should invest in brand storytelling is that you have abundant mediums you can use for it. You can use social media, printed media, television, word of mouth and user-generated content.

If all these mediums are used correctly, you will reap great benefits for your business. The possibilities are endless with brand storytelling, which means that you can use this marketing vehicle as much as you want to. The more you use it appropriately, the bigger the results you can expect.

Your brand awareness campaigns can consist of an interview with you where you get to blow your own trumpet or release content that tells your story. The impact of brand storytelling is made clear by our love for stories which justifies the results of using brand storytelling to get new business.

This is an efficient and cost-effective way to get your message across and gain popularity amongst your competitors. The perfect time to start your brand development in this way is no later than now. If not, you will begin losing potential business to competitors because they engage the audience with their stories.


Benefits of brand storytelling

Customers now want to buy something that adds value, supports a cause or cares for something else other than growing the selling company’s own profits. The results of this are that customers will start believing in your brand and build a long-lasting loyal relationship with your firm.

Trying to change the world should be your priority and that concept is not cliché anymore in brand advertising. Companies that have these goals and share them with their clients and potential clients tend to get more business. This is because their brand has humanity in them, thus get more attention.


Build your brand around your story


Your potential customers are developing a sixth sense to marketing promotions and sales campaigns. This is the reason why you should start using smart tactics to enhance your brand without your customers even knowing it.

For your firm to get enough exposure, you should start telling your story to grab the attention of potential customers. Narrate to them why you started your business and what impact you want it to have on your customer.

When telling your story, try to relate to your customers and show your personality to them; this is what most consumers want to hear.

Even if your firm aims at businesses telling your story in a way that fits the mandate of the industry or type of business you cater for, can yield great results. Your business should engage and connect with the audience at a deeper level.

The best way to do that is by using brand storytelling. Brand storytelling is not a luxury a business may have, but it is a necessity that every business should have. If your business doesn’t connect with their customers, they will not survive in this very competitive sector.


Points you should consider when writing your story

For you to connect with your clients, you need to understand them and correlate that with your services. Here are things you should consider:

  • Your client’s needs
  • Your client’s feelings about your service
  • What value you are adding to them
  • What context is there beyond your brand

Bring these points together and write your story engagingly to make deep emotional connections with your clients. Make your clients recognize that your brand is more than just what you are selling. When setting up your marketing strategy, you should add brand storytelling to your to-do list to add that personal touch and stand out.


Stories of other people


The stories you use for marketing campaign don’t necessarily have to be yours or that of the background of your brand. You can use testimonials of happy clients or let them tell their story of their experience with you and your services.

If you make others blow your trumpet naturally and accurately, you will get great results from your marketing campaign. The stories you share also don’t necessarily have to be in written form, but you can also use videos of real clients explaining how they feel about your services.

The original experiences shared by your customers will be even more effective for your brand exposure.


How to get user-generated content

User-generated content like social media posts is also one of the best ways to share your brand story. These posts will reach an even wider audience and will touch the audience it reaches, that is because the content will be shared by someone they trust.

As a result, more potential clients will gravitate to your business and increase your sales and grow your brand exposure. However, this all boils down to how satisfied your customers are, so for you to have more stories to share, satisfy your customers first.

The content you post is very important and can be used to your advantage by using it to improve customer experience. That customer experience will then instigate your customers to write positive reviews and other user-generated content.

You can choose to write both types of content, one exclusively for brand storytelling and the other for general blogs and infographics.

Customer reviews are also important as they are a great way to get new clients on board. Reviews show clients the details related to your service and how they added value to those buyers.

With that information, new customers will get an idea if your services are fit for them. Be alert of online reviews, social media posts, and other user-generated content and share them on your website and social media pages.

Results from research show that user-generated content could be more effective in getting new customers to convert to your brand. Social media is the leader in getting more business by user-generated content.


Be consistent


Your brand storytelling should not be done once off but you should consistently tell your story as the need arises. Look for opportunities where you can do brand storytelling as your company evolves or if there is another need like when new charity campaigns are being run.

However, ensure that your stories speak the same thing and fit into your company’s broader narrative. The format for consistently writing quality brand storytelling content is for you to state the situation, the conflict, and the resolution. You must also add a call to action in your story but not directly.

This is because your story should not look like a sales pitch but a story that will touch the emotions of your clients.


The bottom line

The ease of use and affordability of brand storytelling makes it a wise decision to invest in it and integrate it into your marketing and sales strategy. The authenticity in your story captivates potential customers and draws them closer to take a careful look at your services.

Remember not to make it look like a sales pitch but consider what your clients want to hear. Look out for opportunities like charity events that would make a great story for your business, while doing this don’t lose the plot of your narrative.

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