Jean Styling Options for Men: How to Wear Jeans

From day to night, a good outfit will get you far, even if it is just a boost to your confidence. You don’t have to splash out on men’s designer jeans to look the part. With these styling tips, you will be looking great no matter the occasion. Here are five of the best jean styling options available.

Slim Fit Jeans

A gift that never ends. Slim-fit jeans are versatile and can be worn with a number of outfits, regardless of the body type. They can also be worn with t-shirts on lazy days as they are great for layering. Fashion trends change and adapt, but this fit remains trendy and will for years to come; a classic.

One of the main factors that appeal to denim lovers is its slim fit. If you want to incorporate this cut into any outfit, whether you’re attending a job interview or hitting the bar on a Saturday night, it will look great. Casual dressing is easily achieved by wearing a plain denim shirt with white canvas high-tops. Put them together with a patterned T-shirt to add visual interest, and finish your look with a shawl or jacket for warmth.

Wide Leg Jeans

It’s no secret that wide-leg jeans have come back into vogue, for better or worse. Their popularity is a sign that another 90s trend is making a comeback. However, you can style these items with some thought, and they won’t look like a mass of wraparound shades and tie-dye tops. 

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Due to its wide shape, this cut can flatter broader builds. With wide shoulders, chest, or calves this piece will complement the shape of your body. The wide-leg jeans will soften love handles or chunky legs from top to bottom, resulting in a smoother overall appearance; this style may not be an option for every body type. If you have slim legs and are skinny, you shouldn’t wear wide-leg jeans.

Make sure the rest of your outfit complements your wide-leg jeans so they have that easy street look. Add some street-style accessories, like a dad cap or a cross-body bag, to this look, and a chunky hoodie and sneakers.

Skinny Jeans

Even though skinny jeans have disappeared from the runways, stroll through town, and you’ll realize that this style is still in high demand outside of fashion circles.

To maintain balance, you should avoid wearing them with anything too loose, baggy, or bulky. For example, do not wear chunky sneakers with skinny jeans. Before squeezing yourself into a pair, you should consider your leg shape as well. Skinny-fit jeans should not be worn by anyone who has a big build as the shape will make your legs look wider than they are.

Skinny jeans can still look good if you have the pins to pull them off, in spite of what purists may tell you. Wear them with an appropriate dose of rock and roll attitude and complement them with similar slim-fitting footwear.

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Chelsea boots are the perfect footwear for this look, but try trainers with a reasonably slim sole, such as Converse or Vans for something more casual. We recommend pairing black leather footwear with gray or black denim if you go the Chelsea boot route. Make the look all the more rockstar with a leather biker jacket and a white t-shirt for contrast.

Regular Fit Jeans

Trends come and go in the denim department with alarming frequency, as they do in all areas of menswear. Denim has been a staple of the fashion world, but the regular fit remains a timeless classic. It’s the same effect as a white t-shirt on your torso when it comes to your legs. Basically, it’s classic, versatile, and always in style.

The regular cut is perfect for any body type with its straight-up-and-down design. You may want to consider the same period for styling inspiration when it comes to regular-fit jeans.

Additionally, they look good with a turn-up, but if you have short legs, make sure the turn-up is narrow rather than wide since a thick turn-up will make them appear even shorter. Combine your flannel shirt with a gilet and a Levi’s 501 to create the ultimate lumberjack look.

Taper Fit Jeans

For some of us, thighs with a lot of strength are an unavoidable cross. The gym is a great place to wear it, but not so much in the changing room since many jeans cut off your ankle circulation. The tapered silhouette of tapered denim can offer some welcome and flattering relief. If you have a rectangular body shape and if you have larger thighs, this fit is perfect for you.

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This cut offers a wider leg opening and a roomier seat to accommodate people with thicker thighs without sacrificing the slimmer leg opening of other styles. Unfortunately, this has some disadvantages as well. Tapered jeans are not suitable for all body types.

It is best to avoid anything with a baggy fit or a loose cut when choosing taper-fit jeans for maximum form flattery. If you wear this type of legwear, go for a shorter top – instead of the long-line T-shirts that are often worn with skinny jeans. Additionally, you can wear a regular-fitting shirt instead of a slim-fitting one or a chunky, boxy coat. You can complement this look with a shorter bomber jacket or an oversized coat with raglan sleeves.

Stick with sneakers if you want to nail the footwear. Sports shoes are always a good choice, and we’d recommend a retro runner, or, otherwise, something simple and low-profile.