New to the World of CBD Oil? Here Are 3 of the Very Best, Interesting Ways to Use It

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

CBD oils are speedily becoming one of the most popular dietary supplements, offering a wide range of potential health benefits. A growing number of people are looking to try CBD in order to experience its effects.

As a result of its sudden popularity, there has been a large influx of information about CBD, including everything from why it is worth trying to the best ways to experience it. It can all feel a little overwhelming for those who are new to the world of CBD oils.

Even after deciding to try CBD oils over many of the other available top-rated CBD products, the confusion continues. There are all kinds of different ways to use tinctures, and so knowing which option to start with can raise questions and difficulties.

To make trying CBD oil for the first time a little bit less daunting, here are the top 3 ways to use CBD oil and make the most out of every drop.

CBD Oil: The Basics

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Before delving into the world of CBD oils, it is essential to understand that not all oils are the same. Oils can be made using different types of CBD, contain varying flavorings, and are available in a range of strength options.

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It is always best for those who are new to CBD to start with basic oil, such as a 300mg CBD natural flavored tincture, which packs a moderate dose of CBD and a mild flavor profile. Oils such as these are ideal for working out the best concentration of CBD and deciding whether the natural taste is right for you.

The way you use CBD oils will impact which options are going to provide the best experience. Unflavored oil is often a better choice for adding to food, for example than a flavored oil that could impact the taste of the meal.

#1 – Sublingual Oil Drops

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One of the reasons that CBD oils are so popular is because they can be used in so many different ways, making them extremely easy to work into a routine.

The easiest way to use CBD oils is in the form of drops that are placed under the tongue and left for a few minutes to absorb naturally. This method is great because it requires no extra equipment or time and can be done within a few minutes.

Using CBD drops sublingually is one of the most common methods and is ideal for someone who might be looking to take CBD multiple times throughout the day. Using CBD oil in this way also allows for a great deal of accuracy when it comes to dosage.

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Most tinctures come with a handy built-in dropper that contains a measurement scale, making it easy to see exactly how many ml of oil you are consuming.

Both flavored and unflavored oils are great for this method. Some people prefer flavored oils as they provide a small burst of flavor, allowing the oil to double as a tasty treat. Others find that the taste of the oil can linger for too long and therefore opt for unflavored tinctures, which tend to be much milder.

Sublingual oil drops can be used for many different reasons and are an excellent option for things such as treating pain, managing stress, improving sleep, and as a general-purpose supplement.

#2 – Adding CBD Oil to Food

Another extremely popular way to use CBD oils is by adding them to foods. Using CBD oils in this way is great for those who enjoy cooking and like to be creative with recipes. CBD oils can be added to smoothies, baked goods, dressings, and many more tasty treats.

Consuming CBD oil in food is ideal for those who will be using CBD while out and in social situations as it is much more discreet than simple oil drops. Adding a few drops of oil to a smoothie which can be enjoyed on the way to work, for example, is an extremely simple and discreet way to add CBD into a healthy diet.

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#3 – CBD Massage Oils

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CBD massage oils are an excellent way to relax the body and treat surface-level health issues. CBD-infused massage oils are just the same as the products found in a spa, albeit containing cannabidiol, helping to create a calming and therapeutic atmosphere.

Massage oils can be particularly useful when looking to treat chronic pain as the masseuse can apply it directly to the painful area. This method is ideal for those who are already taking other CBD supplements, as it does not affect the cannabinoid levels within the rest of the body. It provides only the painful area with a higher dose of CBD.

In general, tinctures are great for those new to the world of CBD as they provide the freedom to explore the different ways to use cannabidiol, helping you work out which method suits you best.