Open Your Digital Storefront with Sellfy


Have you always wanted to sell products online but didn’t know where to begin?

E-commerce can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. After all, if you just quit your job to pursue design, the last thing you want is to spend hundreds of dollars on a website and get pennies for profits. While success on selling online DOES take time, it doesn’t need to be expensive.

E-commerce platform Sellfy aims to change the game by offering a simpler way to sell digital products online – with a $0 Starter Plan to boot.

How Sellfy Makes Online Selling as Simple as 1-2-3

It really is that easy. If you’re new to e-commerce OR you just can’t be bothered with customizing an online shop, this platform is perfect for you. Within minutes of sign-up, you can have a short link to your digital storefront that you can share on social media, as well as a ‘Buy Now’ button you can embed on your website (if you have one).


The goal is to start selling as soon as possible. Not everybody who has a great product knows code, or is willing to spend hours customizing their online store. Sellfy wants to take out the headache of offering your digital products to your audience.

Unlike other platforms, you have the option of getting the $0 Starter Plan. That means NO monthly fees. Sellfy will only charge 5 percent fee (+ PayPal charges) once a transaction has been made. You get to sell five (5) products, apply discount codes, set-up affiliate programs, and get instant payout. Quick, easy to understand, and works well for beginners or long-time online sellers.

If you have more products but want to avail of their email marketing feature, the Pro Plan starts at $15 a month with a lower transaction rate of only 2 percent. This means you get to keep more of your profits. You can also process more currencies for international customers, add a PDF stamping to your E-books, and sell as many products as you want. Basically, you get all the great features from the Starter Plan and more.

Whether you choose to go Pro or Starter, Sellfy digital storefronts are optimized for mobile so you lose NO customers. It’s SEO-friendly and even has analytics to help you keep track of how folks found your store. Using PayPal and Stripe as payment options, you and your customers can feel safe in each and every transaction.

Who’s Selling on Sellfy?

Anybody who has digital products to sell can benefit from Sellfy.

  • Writers and self-publishers who want to avoid massive transactions fees can definitely take advantage of this platform’s super low rates to sell e-books.
  • Designers can focus more on creating beautiful fonts, templates, and more once they have set-up their digital storefront.
  • Freelance photographers have the freedom to sell bundled stock photos and premium items to their audience anywhere around the world (as long as they have PayPal).
  • Looking for cool sounds? Check out musicians offering music samples, beats, and drum kits for aspiring producers and music lovers.

There are also videos, software, and other design assets. If it’s a digital product, you’re sure to find it here.


Why did they choose Sellfy? Simple: it makes online selling stress-free. If you’re out there being creative, nothing dampens inspiration faster than having to worry about storefront themes, product delivery, and delayed payout. Sellfy removes all that so creative people can focus on what they do best: making their next digital product.

As it acts as a form of marketplace, you can also sell to other members of the community. The platform is pretty flexible; if you want to grow your audience, simply offer a free product or sample to get the sales going.

Are YOU ready to sell products online?

You don’t need to be an e-commerce magician to start earning money from your e-book or photos. Investing hundreds of dollars on tools or platforms at the beginning of your business isn’t a good idea either.

Simply sign-up with Sellfy, and in minutes, you can let the whole world know about your digital storefront. Get the short link and post your products on Facebook or Twitter. Got your own website? Easily embed in seconds.

Life is complicated enough – e-commerce doesn’t have to be. Let Sellfy take away the headache of too many bells and whistles. Discover a simpler way to sell online today.

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