40 High Resolution Photos of Clean & Renewable Energy

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Though we still have a lot to do to make up for our abuse to Mother Nature, the transition to clean energy from using nuclear fuels is a significant positive step. This highly contributes to global change and the outstanding development happening every day.

Did you know that:

  • Clean energy is more economical than ever. In the last five years, the retail price on solar panels has been lessened by almost 80%. Also, acquiring electricity from the wind is certainly a lot cheaper than getting it from gas or coal.
  • Clean energy is a good business move. Recently, a lot of big businesses have switched to clean energy not just to save money, but also to help the environment. Walmart projected that by 2025, half of its operations would be powered by wind, solar and other renewable energies. Microsoft also made a substantial investment in wind power – 237 megawatts power to be exact – for the company’s energy-intensive data centers.
  • Clean energy is healthy and pollution-free. Power plants that are powered by fossil fuel are the reason for roughly 40% of carbon emission in the US. This causes several health conditions like asthma, heart and respiratory ailments. It also triggers a staggering number of premature deaths annually. On the flip side, clean, renewable energy produces zero carbon emission, which means decreasing – if not eradicating – any health problems generated by the use of electricity.
  • Clean energy is infinite. Energy from the sun and wind is renewable. On the other hand, energy from fossil fuels come from the remains of animals and plants that lived and were buried millions of years ago. This means the supply of fossil fuels dwindles as years pass by. And as the supply decreases, the price of fossil fuels increases.
  • Clean energy is consistent and dependable. Mother Nature’s wrath is experienced not just in the US, but all over the world. The statistics on extreme weather – which triggers power outages – are on the rise. Clean energy can be “isolated” from the city’s main grid during extreme weather, which prevents blackouts. This is particularly the case for rooftop solar power with batteries. So even with torrential rains or typhoons, electricity is available.
  • Clean energy is transitioning not just in America but all over the world. In Portugal, within just a five-year period, the country’s electric grid rose from 15% to 45% renewables. By 2050, North Africa and Europe could be powered by 100% clean energy. In the UK, 20% of the population resides in places that are fit for Geothermal District Heating.
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Clean energy is not just a trend. It’s now a way of life. Here are some great clean, renewable energy photos to make you smile.

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