Safety Tips for The World’s Most Dangerous Sports

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

As humans, we are natural thrill-seekers. Most of us spend the vast majority of our time at work which for a lot of people means sitting at a desk for quite a large part of the day, for quite a large part of the week. So when it comes time to relax and let loose, we want to get active and feel that adrenaline rush.


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If you live in a snowy place your extreme sport of choice may be skiing or snowboarding, throwing yourself down a steep snow-covered hill is certainly one way to get the adrenaline pumping. Snowboarding requires a snowboard, of course. But a lot of other stuff too.

You need warm and protective clothing, a helmet, a visor, and special shoes that clip into the snowboard. The cost of buying all of this equipment is expensive, but if you go regularly it may work out cheaper in the long run. Important things to note when snowboarding is that you should always go down the slopes appropriate for your skill level.

Most ski resorts have a color-coded system based on the difficulty of descent. Never go off-piste unless you are extremely experienced and even then be sure to research around the slope and potential avalanche warnings.

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If you live by the beach you might get your kicks speeding down the face of huge waves all day long. Surfing can be a very cheap sport depending on the climate but you are limited by the waves.

First, it’s important to note that not all beaches and coastlines are home to surfable waves. The conditions even at beaches where there are surfable waves have to be right for there to be any. In warm water such as most of the beaches on the Indian ocean, you can surf in just swimwear and surfboard. Which can be rented or bought.

If you are in colder waters such as much of the Atlantic ocean you may need a wetsuit. Even if you can bare cold water to swim in. Being in there for such long periods stationary on the surfboard can pose dangers of hypothermia if the water is too cold so a wetsuit is advisable in cold waters.

It is extremely important to know whether the water you are surfing in is safe. Beginners should only surf on small waves at beaches with lifeguards.

You should also make sure you know where the rip currents are and ensure you know what to do if you are caught in a rip. Rocks and sharks are another danger, not present at every beach but something to research before you go. Surfing at night time is not advised, nor is surfing alone.

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Rock Climbing/Bouldering and Biking

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If you’re surrounded by mountains you might go hiking or bouldering. Rock climbing can be done at a rock climbing center or on actual rocks. In both cases, it’s important that you know the risks and don’t attempt any climb you are not confident with.

Climbers use ropes and harnesses which attach them to the rock. Although you are attached to the rock you must still know how the equipment works to ensure the most effective use, and injuries can still occur from smaller falls while attached to the rock or wall. Helmets are advised as appropriate footwear that won’t fall off and have sufficient grip.

Some climbers climb without any ropes which can be extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by highly experienced climbers. Be sure not to climb alone as if you get injured you may not have a way of getting help.

It is always a great addition to get to hop on your bike and find these suitable places you want to climb. Make sure to find a good mountain bike that can handle the pressure.


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Paintballing is a common sport of choice for the adrenaline junkie. It has competitiveness, a social aspect, the chance to be outdoors, and just enough fear of getting shot by a fast-moving ball of paint to keep things exciting.

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But as with any activity where there are projectiles and people all moving around at high speeds, there is a chance for danger. If you go paintballing, you will almost certainly get hit, it will almost certainly hurt, and it will almost certainly leave a huge funny colored bruise.

But this is normal and not severe. There are however some severe accidents that can happen. Now a lot of the injuries that occur are due to people tripping and falling, remember this is a fast-paced game with lots of people running around, so it is important to be aware of your surroundings. A lot of the remaining incidents occur due to improper use of equipment.

Hopefully, this has been an informative article!