Which SEO Risks You Should Take or Avoid?


These days companies are trying their best to stay relevant on the market in terms of extremely high competitiveness. In such a situation, marketing strategy plays a very important role. Now one of the most important things to include in your strategy, in this case, would be SEO. What is it though?


SEO: Learn the Basics

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that is getting widely recognized by business owners. Basically, when people mention it they mean a process of optimizing one’s website or page so that it gets more organic traffic from search engine.

In other words, you are making your website look more appealing to a search engine. What is in it for you? The more organic traffic you get – the greater is the chance, that when a person types in ‘web design’ your company, which provides outsourcing web design services, will be the first one to pop up on the list.

What does the price for SEO services depend on though? Well, the two most important things about search engine optimization are links and content so obviously, you will need people who will take care of those for you.

Now SEO specialist’s rate is not that much different from a web design salary, and you can easily find the numbers you need online. Just keep in mind that sometimes it is better to turn to outsource for these kinds of tasks as it might significantly reduce your expenses.


Search Engine Optimization Challenges


Just like any other technology SEO has its own risks and challenges that you can either take or avoid. Before doing any of that you should define for yourself the amount of risk that you are about to take and the amount of the possible reward. Let’s quickly get through the biggest of these challenges and start with those, that you should take.


SEO Challenges to Take


URL’s Optimization


Changing your URL’s structure and making it more optimized can do wonders for your search results. This way you will be able to add more keywords to the web address of your content and at the same time give readers a clearer understanding of what it is about.

For example, instead of the ‘website.com/main-page-here-best-games-of-2019’ you can optimize it to ‘website.com/best-games-2019’. Do not forget to measure your statistics after every change you make to be sure that the results are positive.


Improve Your Backlinks

Most web developers are feeling rather negative about using backlinks, however, they have a high correlation with how Google is ranking your content among other results. In the case of backlinks pay more attention to their quality rather than quantity and you should be just fine.


Improve Your Web Page Design


Do not underestimate the importance of a quality website design. If you pay enough attention to it it might help you build trust with your visitors and actually make them want to spend more time at your resource, checking your content out and improving your metrics. Also, pay attention to your web design software, use only the best one.


A/B Testing

Basically, it means taking one element of your content, be it meta-description or a title, and changing it in hopes to improve your metrics. It will most likely be a long way of trials and errors but eventually, you will come up with a perfect combination that will improve your SEO rating and returning rate.


SEO Challenges to Avoid


Deleting Your Pages


It might happen so that you are no longer selling a product or providing a service and you decide to delete the page on your website that refers to it. However, it still contains some of the keywords that are helping you with your rankings.

So instead of deleting the page put something like ‘this service is not available anymore’ so that your viewers will not get confused and you will still get traffic for those keywords. You can hire one of the web designer outsourcing teams to make this ‘no longer available’ message seem more appealing.


Making Broad Changes On Your Website

Improving your website is definitely a positive thing to do, however, you do not want to make big changes at once. Start with small ones and check out your metrics after every change you make to be sure that you are not making things worse.


Benefits Of Taking SEO Challenges


If you are a business owner – you should be no stranger to taking risks, including the ones connected with SEO. Experimenting with SEO strategy might be scary but it is also rewarding in a form of organic traffic and getting your website higher in Google’s ranking system.

The higher it gets – the bigger exposure your product or service will get which also directly leads to higher sales. Eventually, such a small thing as a few keywords might result in you gaining in a few new clients.

So do not be afraid to take those risks, and find the best specialists possible for this case. You can try direct hiring from any of the local SEO companies. Paying lots of your attention to SEO is important as it is one of the aspects of your marketing strategy, that you can control.


Final Thoughts

Of course, whether or not to take SEO challenges is your choice and it completely depends on your business’ needs and strategy. Just keep in mind, that when it comes down to search engine optimization, being inactive and not doing anything at all, might also be considered as risk as Google is changing every day and you have to stay competitive according to these changes.

Building a solid SEO strategy and considering all the risks is not easy, so hopefully, these tips will come in handy and you will be able to get that organic traffic that you need without any troubles. Just hire professional consultants and keep in mind, that once you started paying attention to your SEO strategy – there is no way back.

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