The Effect of Good Web Content on Visitor Retention


In the online world, content is king. It connects your audience with your brand on a deep, emotional level, portrays your core values and defines your brand’s tone of voice, ultimately setting you apart from the competition, and building your authority in the industry. Without quality content, why would your demographic give you anything more than a passing glance on their way to a website that offers something truly meaningful, relevant, and relatable?

On that note, why would Google ever give you the right to the throne, which is the top position on the first search page, if you have no optimized and relevant content to deem you worthy? But we are merely scratching the surface here, as content is not only the key driver of brand recognition in the online world, but it’s also the key reason your visitors choose to stay on your website. Conversely, poor quality content is the key reason your visitors decide to trust your competitors instead.

Here is how and why good web content can make all the difference.


Content will always be king


Content comes in numerous forms, and while we will address the various content types you can use to drive traffic and ultimately transform your audience into a pool of loyal customers, at the moment we will focus on the importance of being a master at storytelling.

Your brand is a story. A story that portrays your values, enchants the reader, and creates a trusting relationship conversions are built upon. For this reason, and many others, the written content will always be king.

Its benefits for your website’s ranking in the search arena notwithstanding, quality content is the glue that keeps your online presentation together and your website’s visitors immersed and engaged, leading them on a journey from the story to the checkout page. Without an amazing, relevant story to keep the modern visitor engaged, there is no reason why your bounce rate would decrease, or why your conversions would rise.


Imagery for emotion


As mentioned earlier, website content is not present in the literary form only, and it takes many a shape in order to appeal to a wide audience, portray your brand identity in a unique way, and boost your brand recognition across a myriad of platforms. This is why images will play a vital role in defining your website content and leading your brand down the road to long-term success.

If you’re using stock photos for your own website presentation and articles, be careful. Too often will you see websites reusing popular stock photos that don’t really speak the language of the brand, and instead only offer a subpar visual substitute to what could have been a truly inspiring and powerful image.

This is not to say that you should go through the trouble of hiring professional photographers and investing in creating your own website photos, but it does mean that you need to spend time finding the best pics on the web that truly complement your written content.


User-friendly design for high visitor retention


In the modern, fast-paced world, building a fast, responsive, and user-friendly website is the name of the game. After all, how do you expect to drive traffic to a website that takes ages to load, eventually greeting the visitor with an unresponsive, cluttered, clunky interface that only succeeds in confusing the audience? You simply can’t.

Okay, now take the Australian market as an awesome point of reference and learn from their ways. In the Land Down Under, agencies specializing in web design in Sydney and other entrepreneurial centers around the country, give the words “full integration” a new meaning, as they build user-friendly designs and integrate content to boost responsiveness, engagement, and retention.

The content you create not only has to be relevant, relatable, and easy to read through, but it also requires strategic positioning along with full optimization in terms of SEO and visuals in order to boost the website performance and keep the visitor entertained. An amazing website with quality content is also easier to share on social media in order to establish brand recognition and presence, so keep this crucial benefit in mind as well.

Diversifying your content pool for higher engagement


In the pursuit of new heights and bigger customer engagement, there is a need to further diversify your content pool, and turn your attention to other popular mediums – such as video. With the recent breakthroughs in CSS and JavaScript strategies, web developers have been able to include video content in website designs without significant problems with rendering or load times. This is your golden opportunity to appeal to a wider audience, and keep your loyal guests coming back for more.

There are numerous ways you can incorporate video into your online presentation, and using free stock video websites is by far your best and most cost-effective bet. You want to use video content to capture the attention of the visitor, evoke certain emotions, and portray the story of your brand the right way.

That said, be sure to choose your video content based on relevance, duration (attention spans are quite short nowadays), and compatibility with other devices. Keep in mind that when it comes to web experience, auto audio play is one of the most detested features – so you’d better stick to audio-less content.


Improving brand recognition across the online universe


Finally, it’s important we address the problem of brand recognition in the diverse online universe and the numerous growth opportunities it offers. Simply put, the design of your website and the quality of your content will decide how shareable your story really is, and define your success across social media platforms and other websites.

After all, what good is an amazing website with stellar content if nobody knows it exists? The key to realizing your content strategy lies in disseminating your online presentation across other relevant websites in your industry, as well as all relevant social media platforms in order to get your brand trending in the online world. This way, you will become the go-to source of information in your niche, ultimately boosting the traffic and conversions.


A parting word or two

In the end, there is no denying that web content reigns supreme as the most powerful marketing tool for your company and the most powerful element of your online presentation. With that in mind, make sure every one of these insights makes it into your web design strategy to pave the road to long-term business success.