Top 5 Things To Know Before Going To Majorca

Last Updated on June 10, 2022

Majorca, otherwise known as Mallorca, is a stunning island off the east coast of Spain’s mainland. The island is home to Palma, which offers a vibrant nightlife and lots of amenities and activities, among quiet tourist resorts and a whole host of sleepy local villages. There’s a lot to see in Majorca and a few things to know before heading off that can help you get the most out of your trip – so here are the top 5 tips to help you prepare.

Rent a car

Being one of the Balearic Islands, the majority of Majorca is actually mature and mountains. The big mistake of visiting an island is assuming that it’s small, or small enough to be easily navigated.

To get the most out of your trip, you will want to rent a car. ROIG’s car hire in Majorca will give you the freedom to visit the main attractions, which are in various parts of the island, as well as gallivant around aimlessly stumbling on the next gem – quaint villages, mountainous roads, and hidden beaches are in abundance.

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Parking isn’t too difficult on the island because it’s not very busy compared to mainland cities. Of course, in the center of Parma can be more tricky, so make sure your hotel or accommodation has a parking space. The Ma-11 is the only toll road on the island.

Get to know the nature and wildlife before going

For those of you who aren’t too knowledgeable on birds and other wildlife, it would be a shame to visit an island that is abundant in endemic species and not to appreciate or even acknowledge them when visiting. Many birders travel across the world to visit Majorca to find new species.

There are over 300 endemic species in Majorca, meaning you will not find them anywhere else in the world. This is a lot to take in, so instead of learning them all, simply download a web page denoting them all ready for offline viewing (or use an app). You may not see yourself as a birdwatcher, but it can be surprisingly exhilarating to stumble across exotic species of animal in the wild, knowing people travel around the world to spot them.

Indulge the waters

Being removed from the mainland and general industrialisation, the waters can be crystal clear and full of life. Make sure to make the most of this opportunity by scoping out the different activities you can do.

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Firstly, heading to less populated beaches can be a lot of fun. This is where you will find a more undistributed natural environment with the purest of sand and sea and feel like you have it all to yourself. Mondrago in Cala, whilst not having a sandy beach, is a stunning and secluded spot that has a reserve of waters – often entirely to yourself. Being next to a Natural Park, there’s a ton of birdlife too. Otherwise, check out Formentor, Cala Deia, and Cala Murta.

It’s not enough to just have a dip in the sea when in Majorca. A highly recommended activity is to take a boat out into the waters for some quality time spotting sea life and snorkelling in secluded spots. You can either rent a private boat or take a boat tour, either way can bring a new perspective to the island. Kayaking to the sunset on the southwest coast is also an incredibly romantic evening.

Learn some Spanish before going

Majorca can be fairly touristy in parts, but not all of it. Not everyone speaks English, plus, it’s not an English speaking country so you should really make the effort to learn some basic phrases (just the attempt is enough to appease the locals). Learning the basics of “thank you” and “please” is a good start, as well as some basic items like beer and water.

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You could extend this knowledge to street signs so you know how to get around (learning “exit” and such). Of course, you’re not likely to learn a significant amount of the language, so be prepared if you run into more unique problems by downloading the Spanish language offline on the Google Translate app. This can do voice translation too, making it very efficient in real-time translation.

Know the local dishes before going

So, a bit like the wildlife example, you ought to know what is unique to Majorca before going in order to fully make the most of it, as opposed to just ordering off a menu as per normal. Knowing that they specialise in seafood, for example, could help you decide on some fantastic local restaurants.

Of course, the main dishes of Spain are available, such as omelettes and paella, but there are dishes specific to Majorca. This includes Arrós Brut, which is rice in hot broth, Mallorcan soup, Mallorcan Frito, Tumbet, coca of Trampo, among others. This will give you the best chance of trying exciting “endemic” dishes that Majorca excels in.