9 Types of Videos to Reach Your Marketing Objective


If you’re in the marketing business, you’ve probably already read about the advantages of video content as part of a marketing plan. Videos have amazing reach and engagement rates that can help you optimize your budget, and take your results to the next level.

In fact, 1 in 4 consumers actually lose interest in a company if it doesn’t have video! But not all content is the same. Each type of video has unique qualities that can help with different marketing objectives that fit differently into the sales funnel.

Let’s break down and analyze the most popular types of marketing videos, as well as see which marketing objectives they can help you with.


1.) Educational Videos

People love learning new information about subjects they love. That’s also what we do when looking to purchase a new product or service.

Offering content that will enrich your target market’s knowledge will be well received because it gives something they consider useful. Here’s a sample video:

Sharing your knowledge using an educational video can be a great idea for the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. This is when people are looking for answers, resources, data, opinions, or insight as they are discovering their pain points to learn more about them.


2.) Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are animated pieces that are typically less than two minutes. They explain how a product or a service works in an easy and engaging way.

There are several types of explainer videos to choose from: character videos, whiteboard animation, 3D animation, etc.. The choice will depend on your budget, brand personality, and your desired tone of voice.

Explainer videos help people dive into a subject by showing helpful information that helps buyers know more about certain pain point, while introducing a solution (i.e. your company). These videos are best for the consideration stage of your buyer’s journey.


3.) Product Videos

Product videos show how your product or service works. Their objective is to show why the target market should choose you over the competition.

Did you know that visitors who watch product videos are 85 percent more likely to buy? This is because people get a clearer picture of what you sell by watching them. Product videos not only increase sales, but also enhance product trust because they help potential buyers understand the facts behind your brand’s promise.

You will benefit best from using a product video in the final stage of the sales funnel (the decision stage), because it encourages purchases by showcasing your best product features.


4.) Company Videos (or Culture Videos)

Every business has a distinct personality and culture behind it. Company videos present this type of information. They usually feature the values, mission, and vision of a company. Here’s a good example:

The advantage is that they let people discover the human side of your company. They can help boost engagement because they connect on an emotional level with viewers, improving brand trust and recognition.

Company videos go best with the decision stage of the sales funnel as they build a bond with your brand – an essential asset to help your leads arrive at a buying decision.


5.) FAQ Videos

FAQ videos address the most frequent questions people ask about your product or service. Take advantage of this type of content by making a series of short videos of each frequently asked question. You can then group these into a YouTube playlist, or share them through email marketing.

FAQ videos are ideal during the decision stage of your buyer’s journey. FAQ’s help people gain deeper insight into your business. As your leads are already aware they have a problem, having more info about it helps them differentiate your product or service from that of the competition.


6.) Customer Testimonial Videos

Did you know 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations? That’s why customer testimonial videos are a great option to enhance your marketing content. Testimonial videos show existing customers talking about their own experience with your brand.

To make one, you can guide your customer through a questionnaire. You can also allow the person to openly give their feedback about your product or service. Although you can edit the video later, make sure not to cut it down too much so that it doesn’t feel too edited.

What makes customer testimonial videos so attractive is that they are focused on people just like your prospects. Choosing video as your platform creates transparency. This enhances brand trust because seeing individuals freely talking about their own experience creates a feeling of reliability for viewers.

Customer testimonials are awesome during the decision stage, when your potential clients are seeking referrals to help make up their minds. 


7.) How-To Videos

Have you ever learned to do something with the help of the Internet? Of course, we all have! This is why having your own how-to video for your brand can be a great option.

What differentiates how-to videos is that they are more task-focused, aimed at helping people create something from start to finish. The advantage is that they will help establish your brand as an authority on the subject.

How-to videos are great for the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, when people are still trying to understand what their problem is all about.


8.) Social Media Videos

Social media videos are strategically created with a certain social network in mind. For instance, Facebook users are more tolerant of videos with text; whereas Instagram users prefer cleaner looks.

Although topics might vary, you should consider your specific audience before making a video on a chosen platform. Taking a regular look at your analytics is the best way to ensure optimum performance.

Social media videos can cover every stage of the buyer’s journey. You can gain new customers by using paid video promotions, or target long-time followers by showing them product benefits.


9.) Commercials

Commercials are the most popular type of marketing videos. They’re creative enough to attract people’s attention towards your content, while advertising your product at the same time.

Commercials are often used to enhance visual remembrance, as they tend to have a higher impact on people’s memories than other types of content. They can best fit the last stage of your funnel, when people need a final reason to decide on your brand and no other.


Different marketing videos serve different goals. Plan your strategy by combining them in several ways. Creativity is the limit with videos! If you’ve had experience with video marketing before, don’t hesitate to share: what types of videos have you used? We’d love to know.

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