Top 10 Entertaining Will Smith Movies to Add to Your Watch List

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Will Smith has been in the acting business for a long time. With several awards and tons of movie titles to his name, fans can always look forward to something special from this guy. But if you want the rundown of his top 10 movies of all time, then we already did the homework for you!

1. I Am Legend (2007)

A deadly outbreak sweeps through Earth’s population after scientists botch an attempt to genetically adapt the measles virus to become a cure for cancer. U.S. Army virologist LTC Robert Neville loses his entire family during the chaotic evacuation of Manhattan and as the years pass by, Neville lives in the seemingly empty city unsure if there are any other survivors.

The only other inhabitants are Darkseekers, infected humans who look like albinos and behave like vampires. Neville spends his time catching the deadly creatures and doing experiments on them to find a cure. His mission changes profoundly when he meets two immune survivors and the pack of Darkseekers who hunt them.

2. Hancock (2008)

Hancock is a superhero living in Los Angeles. Rather, an anti-superhero. He’s constantly drunk, rude and his idea of saving the day often leads to major damage in the city.

When he meets relations expert Ray Embrey, he agrees to let Embrey clear up his public image. But there is something about his PR manager’s wife who holds the key to Hancock’s missing past and the one weakness that can pierce his immortal invincibility.

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3. Seven Pounds (2008)

Ben Thomas is a man with a secret. Ben is not even his real name and he’s a scary customer when people get too close. But he goes out of his way to change the lives of seven people who are ill, in debt or in abusive relationships.

Despite his attempts not to, he is drawn to Emily, a patient whose printing business is failing and she’s also in need of a new heart. Ben’s real reason for helping these seven individuals come to a tragic conclusion which reveals a mistake he has never forgiven himself for.

4. The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

Another great film based on a true story, the viewer follows the inspiring rise of Chris Gardner as a poverty-stricken salesman to the owner of a lucrative multi-million dollar brokerage firm. But in 1981, Gardner is facing a failing marriage and the cost of living puts him and his young son on the street. Despite enduring heartbreaking hurdles, he accepts an unpaid internship at a firm and studies for his stockbroker license exam.

This is a truly inspiring story about a father who never gave up, a man who followed his passion for trading, and a businessman who went from selling scanners to doctors to living the American Dream.

5. Independence Day (1996)

A few days before Independence Day, pilot Steven Hiller wakes up to the news that large alien crafts are hovering over major cities across the globe. He’s called back to base in case something happens but David Levinson, a satellite technician, knows exactly what’s going on. He’s decoded a countdown signal giving the exact hour when the alien fleet will attack.

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When the moment comes, the invaders are brutally efficient and immune to human weapons. Humanity’s last hope rests on a daring plan to have Hiller fly an alien ship back to the mothership where he and Levinson can plant a bomb.

6. Men in Black (1997)

When NYPD officer James Darrell Edwards III chases after a particularly agile suspect with strange eyes, he is plunged into the world of aliens – and the human organization that organizes their presence on Earth. He meets Agent K, who offers James a job with the MIB.

After he accepts, James has to quickly learn the ropes when his first major case involves a creature that even experienced agents fear. Determined to save the world, James and K go badass as only the MIB can.

7. Men in Black II

Now called Agent J, James is a seasoned MIB operative but he is faced with a threat so massive that he needs K to help save the world. The problem is that K is retired and his memory of being an MIB agent had been wiped.

It becomes a race against time to restore K’s memory and find the Light of Zartha, the only thing that can stop the threat. The problem is that K cannot recall where he hid it or what the Light even looks like.

8. I, Robot (2004)

In 2035, robots are everywhere and they make human life more comfortable. While no robot in history has ever committed a crime, Detective Del Spooner is obsessed with his conviction that a mass robot presence among the public will eventually lead to a takeover – and humans will lose.

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Ostracized because of his beliefs, he becomes more convinced that something is wrong when he investigates the apparent suicide of a prominent robotics designer and meet his latest creation, Sonny. This robot claims to have feelings and dreams but Spooner suspects Sonny is also capable of murder.

9. Enemy of the State (1998)

When a congressman is murdered, a hidden camera catches the whole thing on tape and also the killer’s face. Before long, the man who downloads the evidence is on the run from the killers himself and attempts to hide inside a lingerie shop. There, he drops the recording into a bag of Robert Dean before he is killed.

Dean, who had been shopping for a gift for his wife, doesn’t realize what just happened but soon, corrupt NSA agents are out to destroy his life. Dean seeks the help of a retired intelligence agent to keep the killers at bay.

10. Concussion (2015)

Based on a true story, the film follows the bombshell discovery made by Dr Bennet Omalu. During the autopsy of a former NFL football player, the forensic pathologist discovers an unknown disease. It resembles Alzheimer’s and he becomes convinced that this terrible condition is caused by the repeated concussions suffered by football players.

Omalu wants the world to know, worried that other players are at risk. But this puts him in the crosshairs of those who run things in the NFL and wants him to keep his mouth shut.