How to Make The Perfect Workspace To Boost your Productivity

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

If you are an office worker, you know how important a comfortable workspace is. It includes everything:

  • A convenient desk with all the required accessories;
  • A comfortable chair;
  • Ergonomic elements such as keyboard, mouse, carpet.

This is a basic set of must-to-be things that create the needed atmosphere and make you want to work and to be productive.

A Perfect Desk for a Small Space

It happens that there is not sufficient space in the office where you work to arrange everything conveniently. In such a case, the best option that saves space and still provides the needed functionality is a corner standing desk. This solution is perfect if your place is in a corner and you still are not ready to sacrifice all those perks that a convenient height-adjustable desk offers.

Benefits of an Adjustable Desk

man sitting at desk working from home on computer PYAXPY

Why shall your desk be height-adjustable? Well, you can opt for a traditional desk and stay in a sitting position the entire day. You know how it feels after the working day is over:

  • You feel stiffness in the back often accompanied by pains;
  • The head seems to be exploding;
  • The motivation level and efficiency are at a zero point.

In the long run, you will notice that you are gaining weight. It is a common problem of almost all the office workers who still use traditional desks. Obesity is, in turn, a frequent cause of problems with sugar levels in the blood, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and similar. All in all, there is nothing good in a sitting position.

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A height-adjustable desk is a good tool to avoid the main of the mentioned issues. It provides many benefits compared to a traditional desk:

  • You can change between a sitting and a standing position. It provides an opportunity to move at least a little bit;
  • In a standing position, your back has a chance to relax in its natural position. Thus, pains that are so common after long sitting will disappear;
  • The blood circulation improves, and your head will not ache so much anymore even if you work long indeed.

Plus, a height-adjustable desk is a perfect place to do some exercises. There are some exercises developed especially for an office. Some of them are very basic and invisible to your colleagues. You can do them even if you feel too shy to exercise openly:

  • Raise on your toes and come back into the initial position. Repeat 10 times;
  • Extend yourself. This is a perfect exercise when you are standing and looks so natural!
  • Bend your leg in a knee and raise the hip. Put it back in the initial position. Repeat the same with the other leg. Repeat the exercise as many times as it is convenient;
  • Put your hands up! Now, put them down. Repeat 10-15 times.

There are also more elaborate exercises. For example, a standing desk is created for push-ups. You have perfect support which you can adjust for any height and there is no need to touch the dirty office floor. There are also very efficient exercises that you can do on the chair.

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Do You Have a Proper Chair?

Modern Home Office

While a good desk is a focal point of your working place, without a chair, it would not work properly. The most positive effects even of the best desk will be eliminated if your chair is uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a comfortable desk. It is better if the chair is ergonomic.

A good office desk shall have the following features:

  • It shall be height adjustable. Such chairs are created to accommodate any office worker doesn’t matter how short or tall he/she is;
  • An office chair is equipped with a headrest. It is needed to avoid excessive loads on your neck, issues with blood circulation in this body part which, in turn, leads to constant headaches;
  • Armrests are needed to allow you to relax while taking a short break. It is needed to avoid unpleasant sensations, pain in muscles, and even such a severe condition as tunnel syndrome.

Now, Let Us Move to the Desk Arrangement

If you want to have a perfect workspace indeed, arrange your desk with all the needed elements. For example, if video- and audio-conferences are an integral part of your job, you need a stand for headphones. Of course, you might work perfectly without a stand. But a space dedicated to headphones will prevent cable tanging and prolongate the service life of the device.

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A keyboard tray is a common accessory that allows working conveniently. Make sure it is located at a proper height. It will help you to avoid the development of tunnel syndrome.

A stand for documents if you work with them will help you to keep all the papers at hand. It saves a lot of time and prevents you from getting excessively tired. There are stands with a special device that keeps a document at the eye level. If you have it, you do not need to look up and down while working. It again saves time but more importantly, it takes care of your eyes: they do not get as tired as when the documents are on the table.

What about an Ergonomic Carpet?

close up of man vacuum cleaning the carpet PHTXG

If you are using a height-adjustable desk, you need this small but useful element. It helps to distribute the weight of the body on your feet properly when you are working in a standing position. Thus, your feet will not get too tired.

A Perfect Workplace Boosts the Productivity of Employees

Now, imagine that you have a super comfortable desk that allows you to work sitting or standing. Your chair is a dream of any office worker. You have all the accessories to arrange your things conveniently and beautifully. It all no doubt motivates you to work with more pleasure. You get tired less and you can complete more tasks within a much shorter time. Thus, your efficiency will increase immensely. This all is already a good reason for your boss to create a workplace that you will love.