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4 Things You Need to Do After an Accident

Being involved in a car accident causes stress and suffering, but also you may experience severe injuries. The hard part starts when you must go through tons of endless phone calls, file police reports, and contact a lawyer.

And the worst part?

Not being able to communicate with the other driver at fault, as they might not take responsibility for causing harm. It’s also recommended to speak to a personal injury lawyer if injuries are involved so that you can get compensated for your damages and liability. 

Here’s what you need to do in case of an accident. 

When you are involved in an accident, you must fill out police reports of the road accident. The documentation can make the driver at fault admit responsibility.

Sometimes, the police might lack enough information to support your claim, so ask the other party for proof of insurance. Anyway, they’re legally obligated to share it with you. This can help you eligible to claim compensation for your losses and damages.

The next important thing to do is to speak to all witnesses from the scene of the accident and collect their names, phone numbers, home addresses, and other vital details. This is used as extra evidence in court.

The most important thing to do is take pictures and videos, if possible. The police will eventually take photos of the scene of the accident, but it’s helpful if you come with yours; it will be easier to prove your innocence. 

1. Check yourself and others for injuries.

If the car crash is too severe, leave the car where it is and don’t move. Check yourself for injuries, if possible. Next, check other passengers for damages, and make sure you call 911. A doctor must assess your injuries, although you might not feel a thing yet.

But injuries might take longer until they’re felt; sometimes, it takes several days, weeks, months, and even years to feel the effects or any symptoms. If you are too hurt, just leave your car where it is and ask for help.

After the accident, you may feel the adrenaline hit you so high that pain is almost inexistent. Keep the hazard lights on so that anyone in the area knows an accident occurred and avoid you. Even if you don’t feel any pain, make sure you see a doctor immediately after the accident. 

2. Contact a lawyer 

Negotiating with your insurance company might be tempting, but it’s best not to. Addressing the accident to a lawyer is the best decision, as you avoid remaining accountable for damages caused due to the accident.

Also, the insurance companies never work in your best interest. It is possible to get money from your insurance company, but they will offer significantly less than you deserve. So, why settle? Contact a lawyer from Personal Injury Claims UK to help you with the further process after the accident. 

After accidents, victims are left with severe injuries and massive medical bills. Why handle everything on your own? You don’t deserve much pressure on your shoulders; you’ve had enough.

It’s time to move on with your life and get the best compensation ever. This is why you should contact a lawyer after an accident. They’ll help you collect much evidence and use it in court. The clock is ticking, so hurry and claim before it’s too late. 

Are you eligible to make a personal injury claim? Being able to make a claim revolves around carelessness. There are some rules to prove someone else’s negligence, including:

  • The third-party has duty care for you
  • The evidence showing the third party breached their duty of care
  • The breach of care led to your injuries 

If you’re considering making a personal injury claim, there’s a time limit to address. Usually, you need to claim either three years from the date of the accident or from the date you noticed your injuries. People under 18 years old or someone disabled with no capacity to make a claim can have someone on their behalf.

In these circumstances, you must have a litigation friend so that they can claim on your behalf. You can also make accident claims if your loved ones have passed away because of the accident. Experienced lawyers can help you with this. 

3. How to prove your injury claim?

A successful case comes down to the strength of your evidence. The same goes for your injury claims. Evidence is used to prove the at-fault party and that your case is valid. Failing to show proof means you will unlikely receive compensation for your injuries. Evidence is substantial; it is the easiest way to support your case. Other tips for collecting proof include:

  • CCTV footage of the accident 
  • Receipts, invoices, and bills
  • Photographs and videos of the scene of the accident
  • Copy of the report book (if the accident was recorded)

For more advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer. 

4. Types of personal injury claims

You may wonder, “How to make a compensation claim?”. Looking at statistics regarding road traffic accidents, it’s no wonder people make tons of claims to receive compensation. However, road users are legally responsible for driving safely, following rules designed by The Highway Code. The law disciplines anything that goes against this code. 

As such, here are the most common personal injury cases:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Car accident injury
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents
  • Product liability
  • Wrongful death

If you have been injured in an accident, you must immediately speak to a personal injury lawyer. If a person dies in an accident, their family is entitled to make a claim and receive compensation. Please don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer, as they’re the more qualified to help you through such horrible experiences and times.