10 Benefits of Making Your Business Website with WordPress

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Since the emergence of the platform WordPress in 2003, it has been one of the prevalent and well-known systems for blogging on the world market. During the recent couple of years, WordPress has also been playing a crucial role in the software for efficient content management and gained its popularity amidst the non-blogging websites. Have you known that around a quarter of the Internet worldwide is now based on WordPress? True story!

You might perhaps wonder why there is such a demand for this system? To answer this query, we have prepared an overview of the principal advantages that trigger companies to start using this platform. As a WordPress development company Flexi IT assists in building the company`s websites on WordPress from scratch to draw the traffic to a group webpages and ensure its easy management.

1. It’s easy to use!

It is super simple to use even for non-profies and actually doesn’t require specialized training. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can learn as you go and figure out relatively quickly how to add patterns, new pages, blog posts, images even if you have never used this. Given that the main principles of this platform are so straightforward, this allows us to economize on time and effort while formatting the entries.

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2. It enables sites` management from any laptop or computer. 

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The technology used by WordPress uses a browser as a basis. Therefore, you can securely log in from any laptop or computer with an Internet connection in order to contribute to the website and elaborate on it. Whether you are at home or on the vacation, you can always steer the webpage!


3. I doesn’t require any HTML Editing or FTP Software.

Due to the fact that WordPress is a self-contained system, webpages based on it can function independently and do not need to be edited or complemented with the specialized HTML editors, for instance Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute. Therefore, without supplementary FTP or HTML instruments it is possible to create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, and much more.

4. Its sites are adored by various search engines.

Because WordPress is founded on a clear and unconvoluted code, manifold search engines are capable of facile reading and indexing the sites which use WordPress. Next to that, the search engines can also efficiently and detailly optimize the websites. This happens thanks to the meta tag keywords, descriptions, and titles which ensure particular keywords` optimization. What is more, optimization by search engines can be improved even more if one applies tags.

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5. It enables you to control a Web page completely.

web template website design concept PZMWPL

Being a website administrator you can have absolute control of every single facet of the website. You also can decide on and implement the changes to the websites such as structural enlargement or even uncomplicated updates without additional expenses on the professional web designer.

6. It allows you to pick a preferred design of a Web page and adapt it entirely in accordance with your preferences.

WordPress is a tool or a framework for a webpage. You decide not only on its content but also on its look. Such a webpage can be fully customized in accordance with your business needs and goals, audience, and tastes. This approach allows you to have a unique website and stand out among the other sources on the web.

7. It includes a built-in blog.

You might have heard that WordPress was initially geared towards serving as a blogging platform. Therefore, it has preconfigured options for blogging. So if you aim at expanding your site or utilizing a blog, those features are already built-in and are simple to set up.

Next to posting blog entries, those features also involve RSS / email subscriptions to blog, commenting capacities, and automated inclusion of the newest blog posts into other site pages for instance your home page. All those extras can be easily set up too. Those are the crucial assets that will assist you in reaching the wider public and creating an interactive, efficient, and dynamic image of your firm.

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8. It features plugins so that you can effortlessly develop the site`s performance.

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It is possible to elaborate your website and include such compounds as malware and antispam, images carousel, event calendar, video gallery, Twitter Feed, Facebook Fan Box, and much more. In order to do so, you can install extra plugins. The vast majority of them are free and some are on quite economical fees.

9. It can be scaled up at ease.

Each WordPress site can be scaled up and elaborated very simply to follow your business development. Such a website might comprise thousands of pages or blog posts. And while WordPress allows you to have complex content on the website, it doesn’t do this on the functional or quality expense. Websites` speed and performance remain outstanding with WordPress.

10. It can be managed by several users.

Each WordPress site has an administrator that manages the whole working of the website. However, if you prefer delegating certain tasks to your team members, you can grant access to the webpage to multiple users. Their tasks, capacities, and access levels will vary and it’s for you to choose.

Those were the essential reasons why WordPress is a mega useful complex for your site. If you think that this was an exhaustive list, you are mistaken. Another significant perk of this platform is the cost-effective tariff. So if you are just launching your site or simply are on a budget it would be a perfect choice!