7 Awesome Blogs To Follow In The Money And Business Niche

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Having your own business is a arguably a better way of earning more money than been employed. Most people today prefer owning a business to employment. Are you a business person willing to take your business to a higher level? Or have you ever dreamt of having your own successful business someday?

Maybe you even dream one day and hope to be an owner of a fortune500 enterprise. There are endless informative blogs that could help you, but the following are the ones worth reading to provide significant new ideas on expanding your business.


1. Themoneypig.com


This blog focuses on assisting anyone in achieving financial freedom by showing them various ways of making money online. It offers step-by-step guidance on various ways you can make money online and the tools required for you to start. It also offers you other informative articles on different topics like saving money, investing money and how to make money. If you have been looking for a blog to get comprehensive information on budget sheets and wealth-building strategies, this is the best blog for you.

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2. Duct tape marketing blog


This blog is known to be the most constructive when it comes to giving advises to small businesses so that they can grow. The good thing about this blog is its simplicity and ease to understand it. It offers several cheap packages that will assist you to get your business off the ground.

It consists of practical marketing tips purposed to help your business thrive online. It has also blogged on how you can advertise your business more efficiently. Moreover, it offers very decent articles on different topics. For example, on ‘How to build a community around your business,’ ‘The ultimate guide to small business keyword research’ etc.


3. Mike Michalowicz blog


Do you know the story of Mike? Once he had established two stable multimillion-dollar companies when he was only 35 years and unfortunately lost everything. Instead of giving up, he was more empowered. He started again with a drive to finding other better ways to build even more.

Now he has a three-million-dollar company. After accomplishing such a success, he started using blogs and books to give insights to fellow business people to achieve as much greatness as he did.  In his blogs, he shares more efficient ways of starting and building a robust business. In his blog, he has come up with ingenious strategies and formulas that will change the life of any entrepreneur.

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For example, one includes ‘profit first formula’ which explains how your business can ensure profitability. It is one of the blogs that you have to try.


4. EP network blog

EP network blog

Entrepreneurship organization was the ones responsible for the founding of this blog. This organization is known to be the world’s most dominant association of entrepreneurs. This blog provides you with valuable insight from the best businesses people in the world. You will be able to get various advice and required tools from different people to make your business grow.

Furthermore, you will be able to be updated on the global business landscape. In this blog, you will not only article from leading entrepreneurs but also interviews with business experts, global trends reports, best business books, etc.


5. Think entrepreneurship blog


For one to be successful, one has to learn from others and find the necessary help. Entrepreneurs are always known to want to learn new things and improve themselves to become even better. Think entrepreneurship blog provides a platform where business people connect and grow together.

The core aim of this blog is to motivate as many other entrepreneurs as possible. In this blog, business people share their personal experiences so that they can give advises on how to make your business grow. It consists of motivational articles that will be useful to anyone who wants to start his own business or those who want to make their business go to higher levels.

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6. Hubstaff


This blog has remarkable blogs with posts for isolated workers, agencies, and managers. It provides you with a range of essential topics from marketing to tips on management.

Moreover, it offers a time tracking software on your desktop or mobile phone which helps in creating invoices, paying employees and see in-depth reporting. Some of the blog posts include: ‘what is project management and why you need it,’ etc.


7. Small business trends

Small business trends

As the name conveys, this blog targets those who are yet to have significant business. They have articles that advise businesses, and talks about success and failures. What makes this blog outstanding is that it doesn’t cover one part of running a business but a spectrum from technology to marketing to finance.

If you are thinking of starting a business or you want to make your business grow, use these informative blogs to help you reach your goals.