20 Games That Don’t Require WiFi (Play On the Go)

Last Updated on May 9, 2022

If you work a job that requires you to always be on the move, it may be a bit difficult to catch up on your favorite games. And it’s worse if those games are the kinds that require an internet connection to play. 

But let’s face it; for those of us who have had a love affair with computer games, you never know when the craving will strike. It could happen during a long, boring flight or on an overnight bus ride. 

In such circumstances, there’s no better way to kill time and while the night away than playing your favorite game. But if that game requires WiFi to play, then you know how frustrating it can get. On the other hand, if you have a good internet connection – one of the best options is to play agario modded with friends. In Agario you can use awesome skins and have fun, this is one of the most popular browser games.

Fortunately, there are thousands of exciting games you can play without necessarily being hooked to the internet. Keeping in touch with loved ones while you’re on the go is also important. If you’re looking for communicate with full privacy, these spoof text apps will do the job properly.

Best Games That Don’t Require WiFi

1. Angry Birds 2


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Angry Birds 2 was released in 2015 and served as a continuation of the first Angry Birds game series that was released in 2009. As expected, the game features new mechanics and upgraded controls that add more fun to the gameplay. 

Like the original Angry Birds, you launch small birds at a target that you intend to demolish. The targets are usually a group of pigs that are perched up on a series of platforms. 

One notable improvement with Angry Birds 2 is that you don’t need to fire the birds in a specific order. The provision for a deck of birds enables you to shoot them in any order as long as you vanquish the enemies.

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2. Sorcery! (Series) 


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Sorcery is a package of four games. The series is based on Steve Jackson’s fantasy game book series, and was first published in the 80s. If you’ve read these game book series, you’ll find it a lot easier to weave your way around the game of Sorcery. 

The game starts with a short text that highlights the backstory while giving a preview of the events that are about to unfold. A map of the world appears below the texts, and on the map lies a chest-like figure as well as markers. 

These markers show the places on the map that you can go to and those that are out of bounds. Each time you arrive at a marker, the game transitions into text descriptions of what goes on around your character.


3. Smash Hit


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One of the admirable features of Smash Hit is the inclusion of cool graphics and harmonious background sounds. 

You play the game by hitting glass obstacles using metal balls. To get extra balls, you must ensure you break as many prisms as possible. The continuous nature of the game makes it engaging and enhances your focus. Besides, the colorful passageways offer a realistic gaming environment that makes Smash Hit all the more fun to play. 

Smash Hit’s interactive graphics are the reason it’s favored by most gamers. It has since garnered a score of 5/5 on Common Sense Media, and 4.5/5 on Apple’N’Apps.

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4. Downwell 


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Downwell is remarkably easy to learn, but with very challenging game play that’s marked by difficulty curves, power-ups and numerous collectibles in between. Gamers have to climb down a well using the Gunboots that are equipped on their feet. 

The screen has controls and buttons that enable you to navigate to various directions. To make your character shoot, you use the jump button that’s located on the display. 

As you climb down the well, you can shoot your Gunboots to destroy barriers, kill your enemies, and buy time hovering in the air. And upon landing on the ground, you can replenish your ammo and advance further through the game play.


5. Super Hexagon 


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Super Hexagon borrows a lot from Hexagon, but with a few more upgrades to make the game more scintillating. 

In this game, a small triangle rotates around the screen. You must control its movements by tapping on either side of the screen. As that happens, larger hexagonal shapes appear and attempt to close in on you. Each shape comes with one or two exit points that prevent the line from crushing them. 

Now, you must prevent your triangle from colliding with these hexagons by continually rotating it, keeping an eye out on any more shapes that might appear on the screen.


6. Shadow Fight 2


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Shadow Fight 2 is for martial arts fanatics. This role-playing game features a fine blend of classic fighting and RPG. The developer included interactive graphics and 2D animation to make the game even more realistic. 

Shadow Fight 2 pits you against computer-controlled opponents, and you must trounce your opponents in most of the 3 matches to win prices or upgrade your armory. Successful players can win gold or upgrade their swords, nunchaku, or whatever classical weapons they’re using. 

Shadow Fight 2 uses a physics-based concept, making it a special recommendation for maverick gamers. 


7. Fallout Shelter 


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Fallout Shelter is part of a famous PC and console franchise that’s developed by Bethesda. The game is especially popular for its tragicomedy and apocalypse-based humor. 

To play the game, you’d need to be an overseer of your choice vault in the Fallout universe. Your duty involves organizing and controlling the people that live inside your vault. You supply all the needs of your characters, including food and water. 

And in return, they have to work for you to assist you in generating the power required to run the vault. To ensure maximum efficiency, each character has a special assignment that they’re adept at. 


8. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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Minecraft is a household name in the video game fraternity. The game is all about mining as you explore some of the most exotic destinations around the world, defeating zombies and constructing shelters to keep you safe. 

If you enjoy the thrill and freedom that comes with living in your own world where you can creatively construct objects, then Minecraft is the game for you. As long as you can find dependable allies and learn a few tricks of the game, the possibilities are limitless. 

Apart from being a game of creatives and adventure seekers, Minecraft is also popular among gamers with a keen interest in post-apocalyptic scenes.


9. Unblock Me 


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Unblock Me is a game of block puzzles, featuring more than 16,000 puzzles to keep you entertained. 

Basically, you play the game in a small grid that contains blocks and empty spaces. Apart from their equal sizes, each of the blocks is unique in its own way. The intention is to slide the blocks from their initial locations, moving them through the empty spaces until you can get to a predetermined exit zone. 

If you successfully complete a level, the game seamlessly advances to a new level with more difficulty. Your chances of success with the more complex levels depend on how well you fare with the previous ones.

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10. Plants vs. Zombies


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If you are into creepy and eerie stuff, then you’ll find the game of Plants vs. Zombies to be quite scintillating. This game is centered on tower defense using plants. 

The plants come with unique powers that can ward off zombie attacks. You have to grow them in your garden so that they can kill the zombies approaching your house. If the plants aren’t potent enough to stop the marauding zombies, the zombies will eventually enter your house and feed on your brains. 

The plants come with varying levels of potency, so you have to gauge the powers of each plant relative to that of the zombies.


11. Asphalt 9: Legends 


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Like most racing games in the Asphalt series, Asphalt 9 doesn’t disappoint, both in terms of the graphics used and the challenging nature of the game. 

The game comes with several driving techniques that you must implement to maneuver your car through various courses to complete set missions. There are numerous steer options available. You can opt for the traditional tilt to steer option that makes use of the accelerometer in your device, or tilt with icons.  You can also experiment with on-screen controls or simply tap on the screen to steer your race car. 

And if your opponents happen to be moving too fast, you can boost the speed and performance of your car using nitro.


12. Threes! 


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Threes! bears a close resemblance to another famous puzzle game, 2048, save for the fact that it’s a bit more complicated and engaging. In fact, Threes! was the inspiration behind the creation of 2048, and the developer of 2048 was quick to admit that they borrowed a lot of concepts from Threes! right after the game was released. 

Threes! comes with a whimsical design, and realistic animations. The game features numbered tiles on a 4X4 grid. The mission is to slide the tiles together such that you end up with multiples of three. 

The only drawback to the game is that even with the free version, there is a limit to how many games you can play before you must watch an ad. 


13. Run Sausage Run! 


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If you enjoyed the exhilarating experience of the meat violence-themed game of Super Meat Boy released in 2010, then you’ll find Run Sausage Run quite familiar. 

The mission of this game is to control a sausage which is designed to move in two ways. It can either run quickly while seamlessly ducking back, or move slowly as it stands straight up. You press down on the screen to run and duck the sausage. 

There are a lot of challenges and obstacles that lie along the way, including saws, blades, and hammers. And besides the cool graphics used, the developer also included a 2D cartoonish style to make the game play all the more exciting.


14. Where’s My Water?


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Where’s My Water is a captivating puzzle game that was developed by Disney Studios. 

In the game, you must draw pathways along dirty ground to create a channel where stored water pool can flow through for an alligator to shower. Your main alligator, known as the Swampy, has numerous rivals to contend with. The rivals occasionally try to block the Swampy from taking the shower. 

To make the game more riveting, the developer included piping and other complex machine installations that the water must interact with as it’s is routed to the inlet, before it’s ready for the Swampy to take a bath.


15. Badland


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Badland is one of the few games to have won prestigious awards in the same year that it was released. The game’s interactive interface, coupled with its aural and visual design elements are part of the reason it won the 2013 Apple’s Game of the Year award. 

In the game, you assume the role of Clony, which is a small black creature that flies around a beautiful, silhouette-themed world. The beautiful world is full of rotating gears and many other dangerous destructibles that Clony must overcome. 

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You control the game using a one-touch based gesture, whereby you simply press and hold the screen to raise the character, and release them by releasing your finger. 


16. Pocket Mortys 


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Pocket Mortys is a Rick & Morty-themed role-playing game that borrows a lot from Pokemon Go, with a little more tweaks. 

In the game, Rick is the main character while you and Morty have to enter the multi-universe. Rick uses a Pokedex-like contraption to collect other universes’ Mortys, and uses those Mortys to battle his way through the game. 

What makes the game easier to grasp is the ease with which you can identify Mortys, which basically appear as paper, rock, or scissors-type. Apart of course, from your own Morty. Besides looking different from other Mortys, your Morty also doesn’t come with any significant advantages or disadvantages over the others.


17. Star Wars: KOTOR 


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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is all about escaping into the blissful world of space fantasy. 

In the game, you play the role of a Republic soldier where you get to pick your class, assemble your armory, and get into the game play. KOTOR is round-based, so you only have to choose a target and have your character take it up from there. 

There are numerous decisions you can make during game play, including changing direction, increasing the tempo, or stopping to catch a breath. Each decision you make will leave the character leaning either towards the light or dark side.


18. Death Trigger


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The title of the game gives it away. But even before you immerse yourself into the game play, you’ll already have loved the cool 3D graphics that the developer implemented in this game. 

The mission of Death Trigger is to destroy zombies using a variety of realistic weapons provided. While killing zombies is the ultimate mission, there are numerous other objectives of the game. 

To upgrade yourself, you’ll need to perform exceptionally well in the lower levels so you can win cash. You can then use that cash to buy weapons and other stuff that help you to gain an edge in the game.


19. Piano Tiles



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Piano Tiles is a single-player mobile game where black tiles randomly appear from the top of your screen and spread vertically. The black tiles also appear alongside white ones. 

Your objective is to tap on the black tiles as soon as they emerge. As you proceed with the game play, the flow of the tiles gradually increase, but you must try to only tap on the black ones. Each time you hit them, you automatically generate piano music, adding more color and glamor to the game. 

Piano Tiles is effective at enhancing the gamer’s cognitive functions as well as vision and response time.


20. Flipflop Solitaire 


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Flipflop Solitaire is a single-player card game that’s based on Spider Solitaire. But unlike Spider Solitaire that featured 10 stacks, Flipflop Solitaire only comes with five. That enhances its interface on mobile devices, as the game takes a portrait mode. The portrait mode enables you to arrange your cards either in ascending or descending order. 

Flipflop Solitaire starts with a single suit, but then becomes more complex and challenging as you move through the game play. One of the best things about the game is that seeking help doesn’t attract any penalties. There’s a Hint button that you can always press whenever you hit a snag.



And there goes our guide on the top 20 video games to play without an internet connection. All of these games are readily available for both Android and iOS devices. And most of them don’t charge you a dime; you’ll only need to download and install the game in your device, and you’re good to go.